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Bring secure and scalable conversations to websites, apps and IoT devices with full-featured Chat and Messaging APIs and SDKs.

Drive Meaningful Conversations With Chat Built On Resilient Infrastructure

Develop personalised and contextual in-app messaging functions that bring conversations to a whole new level. Be it mass notifications or in-app engagement, our robust platform and SDKs empower you to rapidly build feature-rich chat functions directly into your web, native or mobile app.

In-App Chat

Add real-time private or group chat functions to iOS, Android and web browsers and enhance your existing solutions with interactive and fun chat experiences.

Live Event Chat

Deliver chat experiences for your large scale live events. Complement that with reactions, polls, and content moderation.

Why EnableX

Deliver The Ultimate Chat Experience

Launch secure In-App chat and messaging functions with minimum effort and maximum outcome.


Power-Packed Features Your Users Will Love

All the features you need for a fully functional chat application that is compatible across mobile, web and IoT devices.

  • Multi-party Chat
  • Mass Notification
  • Chat Status
  • Push Notification
  • Media Sharing
  • Rich Messaging
  • Threaded Conversation
  • Chat Archiving
  • Chat Analysis
  • SMS Fallback

Build one-to-one and group chat functions with the ability to add or remove participants dynamically

Send timely notifications, alerts, marketing messages and more to your audience and give them an opportunity to engage by replying or call back

View real-time feedback with Message Read receipts, Typing Indicators, Delivery Time Stamps, Online & Offline Status and more

Notify users of new messages even when the app is running in the background

Share an unlimited number of audio, video, and image files in real-time over secure channels

Chat with clarity with features such as bullet lists, bold and italics fonts, emojis and more

Enjoy the benefits of threaded conversations and full text and history search

Undelivered or unread messages can be re-sent via SMS to increase the rate of successful deliveries

Store and retrieve all chat messages safely on our secure cloud network

Gain insights on your users' activities such as geographical location and demographics on the EnableX all-in-one portal

use cases

Countless Use Cases Limited Only By Your Imagination

Chat API for User
Users and Users Chat

Build a complete user-centric chat experience within your applications to drive meaningful conversations and increase productivity. Be it one-to-one private chats or an infinite number of group chats, users can communicate across Android, iOS and Web applications.

Chat API for Service Provider
Chat API for eCommerce
Chatbot Integration
Chatbot to Human Handoff

Orchestrate conversations between the human agent, chatbot, AI/ML and CRM. The Chatbot handles the conversations with customers until it determines that human intervention is needed. The message is seamlessly handed over to the agent with full chat history and contextual metadata, allowing the agent to pick up and continue the chat conversation without gaps.

Chat API for Customer Service
In-app messaging

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