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Why EnableX

The Right Balance of Innovation and Security in Communications Channels

50% reduction in operational cost with the introduction of video banking.

Source: livebank

  • Security By Design

    With industry standard encryption, hardened networks, and being GDPR-compliant, EnableX ensures that customers’ transactions are always private and secure.

  • Multiple Deployment Options

    It comes with various deployment models – public, private and hybrid – to meet your stringent business, security and regulatory requirements.

  • Engaging Experiences

    Equipped with features such as HD secure calling, Recording, and Whiteboarding, fostering collaboration becomes easy.

use cases

Moving from Technology-Centric To Customer-Centric Innovation

Enjoy high-touch, secure and personalised service with your customers anytime, anywhere.

  • Know your Customer

    By integrating video and facial recognition capabilities, your customers can now complete eKYC in real-time without having to visit the brick-and-mortar bank branch. This can be done through a one-way interactive questionnaire where the customers can upload their documents and answer questions, which will be recorded, analysed and verified.

  • Self-Service Kiosk

    Transform in-branch experience, reduce wait time, and offer access to expert resources that are not available in the branch. At a click of a button within the kiosk, customers can video call and co-browse with an expert remotely, request for financial information to be sent to his mobile via SMS or complete financial transactions.

  • Video-Enabled ATM

    Enhance your ATMs with live video/voice capabilities, allowing virtual tellers to provide immediate service to customers who need assistance.

  • 2-Factor Authentication

    Securely deliver one-time PIN code via SMS to your users or use voice OTPs as an alternative. This verification is done by making a call to the mobile number & playing a sequence of digits.

  • Transaction notification

    Keep your customers safe from fraud. Update your customers with real-time transaction alerts, as and when they transact. Add in IVR to capture individual responses for confirmations and acknowledgements

  • Customer Support and Video-enabled Chatbot

    Connect with your customers within your banking app. Customer can interact with a chatbot first, and then escalate to a voice call or even a video call without the need to exit the app.

  • Video Banking

    Use live video to provide secure, convenient and high-touch services to high net-worth and everyday customers remotely. Agents or private bankers can use additional features such as screen sharing and co-browsing for more in-depth discussions.

Banking journey

Revolutionise The Banking Journey

Here is an example of how Artificial Intelligence and Real-time Communications can enhance the eKYC workflow to speed up customer onboarding and improve customer experience.

Healthcare Journey

  • Countless banking and financial companies are tapping on AI and real-time communications to increase business efficiencies and security while maintaining the human touch. Here is an example of how AI, when paired with live video, can enhance the eKYC workflow, speed up customer onboarding and improve customer experience.

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EnableX products

Empowering Innovative Banking and Fintech Applications


Build powerful voice products and engaging in-app voice experiences with the easy-to-use Voice API and Client SDK.

Voice API


Embed video call directly into your banking website or mobile applications with live video API.

Video API


Add SMS and in-app chat into your Banking App with Messages API and Client SDK.


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