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Communication APIs for Omnichannel Fintech Experiences

Make Digital Financial Services Come Alive for Everyone

Bridging Traditional Banking with Modern-Day Tech through EnableX

FinTech APIs for the next billion

Enhance Banking and Financial
Transaction Success Rates

Leverage the strength of our integrated Omnichannel Communications Platform to experience the paradigm shift in customer engagement. With EnableX, you can build truly digital experiences to manage customers from marketing to life cycle management. By using digital channels, increase revenues, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction!

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Digital payments market by 2026


Automation in the Insurance industry due to AI/ML by 2025


customers prefer live chat that connects them to customer service expert

Discover the Versatility of CPaaS in for Banking and Finance

Empower Financial Innovation with CPaaS

  • Automated Notifications

    Facilitate ease of banking through automated alerts for account updates, payment reminders, and transactions. Leverage SMS, programmable IVRs, self-service WhatsApp, or in-app notifications.

  • Omnichannel Finance

    Pave the way for smooth banking experiences across Voice, Video, WhatsApp, or Text Messaging. Our platform assures swift responses and seamless integrations, fortifying the security of banking interactions.

  • Personalized Financial Advice

    Enrich customer loyalty by delivering bespoke financial advice via SMS/WhatsApp, providing them with tailored banking solutions.

User Engagement and Experience
  • Virtual Financial Consultations

    Provide customers with intimate financial consultations right from their homes through EnableX in-app communication API, mimicking a personal financial advisory session.

  • Digital KYC

    Ensure seamless and secure customer KYC, liveness check, OCR based validations sharing via video, messaging or WhatsApp, streamlining regulatory needs and customer comfort.

Security and Compliance
  • AI-Based Chatbots

    Empower customers to self-serve through AI-based chatbots, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with customer service inquiries.

AI-Driven Customer Service
Future-Ready Finance: Customized, Cost-Effective, and Scalable

EnableX CPaaS: Banking and finance,

EnableX APIs empower you to customize your banking solutions. Our flexible pricing structure ensures you only
pay for the services you use, offering savings without compromising on functionality. With a broad
range of commercial models available, we can help adapt as your needs evolve!


Offer customer support over the phone, such as answering queries, resolving issues, and providing financial advice.


Provide live customer support, such as financial consultations, training sessions, and troubleshooting assistance.


Send important updates to customers, such as account balance, transaction confirmations, and payment reminders.

WhatsApp Business API

Send automated messages to customers, such as loan approvals, investment suggestions, and policy updates.

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