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You Design. We Code.

It's That Magical with EnableX Video Visual Builder.

Offer a no-code Visual Builder that enables you to create engaging communication experiences for video calling on mobile, desktop, and web.

Launch and Relax

After you have finalized your design and testing on our Visual Builder, we will provide you with the iframe code for easy embedding into your platform, using your own domain name.

You don't have to worry about coding, maintaining network infrastructure, or optimizing bandwidth. We take care of all of these aspects, and we promise to deliver enterprise-grade video quality and security.

Video Embed without Coding

Functionalities That Move Your Audience

Packed with robust moderator control and advanced collaborative features, it has everything required to make video interactions engaging and fun-filled for your target audience.

  • 100 person for Video Meeting
  • 1000 person for Webinar
  • Live Streaming
  • Active Speaker Mode
  • Screen Sharing
  • Recording
  • File Sharing
  • Whiteboarding
  • Private Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Lobby and Waiting Room
  • Breakout Room
  • Host Control
  • Room lock
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Call Analytics
  • HIPAA & GDPR compliant
  • AES 256 encryption
Use Cases

One Platform, Multiple Use Cases

With EnableX Visual Builder, you can build a highly-personalised purpose-built real-time video communication application to meet the needs of specific use cases of various industries.

Add video chat for Healthcare


EnableX Visual Builder lets you build a Fully-functional video meeting app loaded with powerful features that packs a punch. Deliver a no-jitter and seamless online medical consultation for ongoing patient care or a routine medical follow up. You can share medical reports or discuss with other medical specialists.

Add video call for Education


Launch your own white label fully-functional one-to-one online tutoring, virtual classroom platform within minutes without writing any code. Packed with powerful features, such as online recording, whiteboard, screen sharing, group chat, file sharing, room lock, and breakout room; you can easily organise one-to-one or group doubt-clearing session or launch a distance learning platform.

Add Webinar for Events

Virtual Events

Whether it’s small internal meetings, a townhall session, an award show, or a panel discussion for thought leadership, EnableX Visual Builder allows you to build a white label, highly-scalable video communication platform to organise an engaging virtual event with ease.

Add Video chat for Retail


EnableX Visual Builder allows to design and develop a highly scalable real-time video communication platform for live product demonstrations, announcements or any other event.

Packed with powerful features, such as webinar, live streaming, screen sharing, whiteboard, and robust moderator control; retailers can create a buzz regarding their products to drive awareness and sales.

Enablex Video Embed
Multiple Use Cases
Our Propositions

Why EnableX Visual Builder Has No Competition

EnableX Other Video Embed Providers
Maximum No. of Participants Up to 100 for video meeting and 1,000 for webinar mood Some only allow peer-to-peer video meeting, while others can go up to a max of 50 participants for video meetings
Deployability Works on iOS, Android and all major browsers A majority of low code apps works only on web browsers and lack mobile compatibility.
Flexibility Customise every aspect of UI – from design, layout to features - without the need to write a single line of code Extremely limited UI templates. If developers need more customisation and control, further coding has to be done
Programming No coding required Requires programming knowledge to customise UI templates or to add any functionality
Advanced Features Lobby, Breakout Rooms, Background Blurring, Moderator Control, and more Mostly limited to basic collaborative features only
PSTN Calling Allows inbound and outbound PSTN voice calls to join video conference Most providers offer only Video & VoIP calling
You Design, We Code
Video Embed with Video Call App Visual Builder
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