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Carrier-grade, customisable and AI-enabled solutions for secured business communications without any additional infrastructure.

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Omnichannel Conversations.

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EnableX Communication APIs

Build In-app Omnichannel Conversations

Use the programming language of your choice to quickly and easily build production-ready Live Video, Voice, and Messaging applications on the Developer-trusted, API-powered platform.

Programmable APIs and SDKs

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It Codes.

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EnableX Visual Builder

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Embed powerful video calling to your app or sites in minutes. Powered by the world’s only Visual Builder tool, you can design your very own UI with just a few clicks, drags and drops.

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Our Deployment Options

Multiple Deployment Options to Meet Your Business Needs

EnableX has a distinct advantage over existing CPaaS competitors as it offers multiple deployment options, including public, private, hybrid clouds and on-premise to meet every business goal, budgetary, security and compliance requirements. Whether you are a Service Provider hosting communication services on your data center, or a developer building in-app applications in cloud, we got you covered.

Making Every Conversation Intelligent
Our Innovation

Building Smarter Communication Powered With Emotion AI

Take the guesswork out of a live video communication. It empowers you to interpret non-verbal cues and subtle facial expressions accurately, thanks to the EnableX Face AI. Powered with game changing Emotion AI technology, it helps your users understand and be understood during every online conversation by interpreting boredom, distraction, confusion, joy, sadness, lethargy, stress, and more.

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Our capabilities

Built For Developers, Loved By Enterprises

Multi-Channel Communication Platform

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Loved By Enterprises

We are among a few communications players that offer a full suite of communication channels. From Video, Voice, SMS, Chat, Number and more, you can pick and choose the channel's you need and add more seamlessly whenever your requirements change.

Future-Proof Infrastructure

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Loved By Enterprises

Engineered for scalability and reliability, our platform is always available and continuously upgraded to meet your business needs. It is also geo-distributed with global media zone that ensures you get a low-latency and high performance calls

Analytics and Management Tool

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Loved By Enterprises

Whether it is pre-call or post call, we help you to sharpen every conversation by providing diagnosis to identify quality issues, network failures and pinpoint errors. View the report on our real-time dashboard or download a detailed reports to make decision-making insights

Secure And Compliant

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From encryption and security certification to everything that helps build a secure environment, we deliver a communication service that you can trust. EnableX is compliant with ISO/IEC 27001, NASSCOM, GDPR, HIPAA, and other security standards

Comprehensive Developer Resources

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Comprehensive Developer Resources

Built for simplicity, our flexible APIs and SDKs are designed and developed to help developers build modern communication apps blazing fast. Get comprehensive documentations, guides, sample codes, tutorials for quick start or you can also join our thriving GitHub communities to discover the best practices and untapped solutions.

Making Every Conversation Intelligent
Loved By Enterprises
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is CPaaS and how does it work?

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A CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) is a cloud-based communication platform that allows developers to add real-time communication capabilities to their applications. This includes features such as voice, and video calls, messaging. EnableX is a leading full stack CPaaS that offers a wide range of communication capabilities, scalable infrastructure, and powerful integrations, making it the ideal solution for businesses and organizations looking to improve their communication and collaboration.

How can CPaaS benefit my business?

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CPaaS can benefit your business by providing a reliable and efficient way to communicate with customers, clients, and team members. With EnableX, you can add voice and video calls, messaging and more to your business applications, helping you to improve customer service, increase productivity, and streamline communication processes.

How does EnableX compare to other CPaaS providers?

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EnableX stands out from other CPaaS providers with its full range of communication capabilities (voice, video, messaging), highly scalable infrastructure, and low code for ease of integration. Furthermore, It's the only CPaaS which supports multiple deployment models – Public, private and on premise. Additionally, EnableX is known for its excellent customer support and affordability, making it the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

Can I customize EnableX to match my branding and design?

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Yes, EnableX offers white labelling, which allows you to brand the platform as your own and customize it to match your branding and design requirements. This helps provide a seamless and cohesive experience to your customers.

Is EnableX secure?

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Yes, EnableX takes security seriously and offers several advanced security features, including encryption, secure data storage, and more. Additionally, EnableX is compliant with most leading industry standards, including HIPAA and GDPR. So, you can trust EnableX to keep your business and customer data secure.

How much does EnableX cost?

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EnableX offers a range of pricing plans to meet the needs of different businesses. Prices are based on the specific features and capabilities you need, as well as the number of users and API calls. EnableX stands out as a cost-effective choice compared to many other CPaaS providers, delivering exceptional value for businesses of all sizes. You can find out more by visiting our pricing section at

Are there any hidden fees or long-term contracts with EnableX?

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No, EnableX does not have any hidden fees or long-term contracts. You can choose the pricing plan that best meets your needs and scale up or down as your business needs / growth .

Can I try EnableX for free before committing to a plan?

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Yes, EnableX offers a free trial that allows you to test out the platform and see how it can benefit your business. You can sign up for the free trial on the EnableX website and get started without any commitment or upfront costs.

What technology does EnableX use?

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EnableX uses a combination of proprietary and open-source technologies to power its platform. EnableX platform is powered by an in-house developed highly scalable communication infrastructure including, scalable video – audio SFU, WebRTC – PSTN/SIP and a messaging brokers/ gateway. On the backend, EnableX uses a variety of technologies, including Node.js, MongoDB, and RabbitMQ. On the frontend, EnableX uses technologies such as WebRTC, React, JavaScript, Swift and core Java.

Can I integrate EnableX with my existing systems and technologies?

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Yes, EnableX offers several powerful integrations and APIs that make it easy to integrate the platform into your existing systems and technologies. This includes CRM integrations, webhooks, and more. The EnableX team is also dedicated to helping businesses and organizations customize the platform to meet their specific needs and requirements. So, you can trust EnableX to be a flexible and scalable solution for your business.

What products and services does EnableX offer?

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EnableX offers a wide range of products and services to meet the communication and collaboration needs of businesses and organizations. These include:

  • Voice and video calling: EnableX offers high-quality voice and video calling capabilities, allowing you to connect with customers, clients, and team members in real-time.
  • Messaging: EnableX offers messaging capabilities, including text, picture, and file sharing, making it easy to communicate and collaborate with others.
  • Video conferencing: EnableX offers a powerful video conferencing platform, allowing you to host meetings and webinars with up to 1000 participants.
  • Virtual Events: EnableX offer a seamless and immersive experience, breaking traditional boundaries with cutting-edge technology. From on-ground to hybrid setups, we cater to all event types, ensuring unparalleled engagement and connectivity for participants worldwide.
  • Live Streaming: EnableX's Live Streaming platform empowers global businesses and creators to deliver high-quality video content seamlessly across all devices, ensuring effective viewer engagement worldwide.
  • Custom solutions: EnableX also offers custom solutions for businesses and organizations that have unique communication and collaboration needs. The EnableX team is dedicated to helping businesses and organizations customize the platform to meet their specific needs and requirements. We have a variety of solutions available across Education, Healthcare, Banking And Finance, Retail & eCommerce, HR & Recruitment, IOT and Customer Service among many other solutions. We also have specific solutions for Telcos and other service providers, which are available here.

Overall, EnableX is a comprehensive and flexible solution for businesses and organizations looking to improve their communication and collaboration capabilities.