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Why EnableX

Modernise Learning Experiences with The Right Tools and Platform

50% higher benefit is gained by businesses when they replace instructor-based training with eLearning.

  • Seamless Integration

    With modular and easy-to-use APIs, integrating all or part of the communications functionalities into learning platform solutions can be done in a breeze.

  • Unlimited Scalability

    Carrier-grade platform allows you to engage thousands of students and learners at the same time.

  • Smart Features

    Equipped with features such as recording, whiteboarding and Active Talker, fostering collaboration and interaction becomes easy.

use cases

Connecting Students and Educators

Bridge the gap among students, teachers, academic staff and parents within an information-rich environment.

  • Distance Learning

    Extend learning, live or on-demand, to homebound students, overseas students and working adults. Implement interactive features like Active Talker, Screen Sharing, Recording and Whiteboarding capabilities to give students a richer and more interactive education.

  • REC
    Recorded Broadcasting

    Not all students learn at the same pace, or are available during the live online training. With Recording and Archiving features, students can access recorded sessions from any device and learn at their own pace and time.

  • Online Tutoring

    Empower students and learners around the world to connect instantly with personal tutors and subject-matter experts. With features such as Screen Sharing and low-latency Broadcasting, learners can gain knowledge from subject-matter experts regardless of time and distance.

  • Online Proctoring

    Equip academic institutions which run online exams with the right tools to prevent cheating. Proctors can remotely view students taking online exams through live video. Alternatively, with visual recognition software, the system can pick up behavioural anomalies and alert the proctor immediately.

  • Curriculum Enhancement

    Extend the learning experience beyond the classroom walls. With audio call, video call and chat capabilities on the eLearning platform, educators can connect their students with people, places and events in a way that cannot be matched by textbook lectures.

  • Campus Security

    Enhance IoT devices with real-time emergency alerts. Anomaly detections, such as fire and trespassing, will trigger alerts to campus security personal for immediate action.

    IOT solution

  • Parents Engagement

    Schools can update parents about upcoming events, class schedules and time-sensitive information via broadcasting. Messages can be sent via text or audio (with our text-to-speech function) to an unlimited number of parents at the same time.

EnableX Product

Empowering Innovative Online Education and Campus Applications


Build powerful voice products and engaging in-app voice experiences with the easy-to-use Voice API and Client SDK.

Voice API


Embed video call functions directly into your website or mobile applications with live video API.

Video API


Add SMS and in-app chat into your Education App with Messages API and Client SDK.


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