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Catalyze Education's Digital Evolution
through Omnichannel Communication

Across education and remote learning solutions for companies, EnableX offers a
wide variety of tools to build a truly omnichannel learning experience. Discover the limitless
possibilities of education with our integrated CPaaS.


CAGR growth expected for Edtech until 2030


high school students in the U.S. are using digital learning platforms


learners retain information from video-based educational materials

From distance learning to virtual classrooms, enhance every touchpoint

Unleash Potential with Our Integrated
CPaaS Solutions for EdTech

  • Virtual Classroom & Tutoring Sessions

    Utilize EnableX's Video API & Client SDK to host real-time online classes, group discussions, and one-on-one tutoring sessions. Facilitate face-to-face interaction and enhance student engagement.

  • Student Collaboration & Group Projects

    Use EnableX's Video API & Client SDK to facilitate group study and remote learning sessions, project collaborations, and peer discussions. Easily assign students to breakout rooms to complete assignments.

  • Customized Learning Tips & Feedback

    With EnableX's SMS and WhatsApp API, share personalized learning content, study tips, and individualized feedback, fostering academic growth and performance.

  • Attention tracking solutions

    Use our FaceAI to track attention in remote learning scenarios.

  • Interactive Voice Assistance for Student Queries

    Leverage EnableX's Voice API to offer IVR (Interactive Voice Response) support for student queries regarding admission, course details, etc., and to make school announcements. Reduce administrative workload.

In-Store Operations
  • Automated Notifications

    Deploy EnableX's SMS & WhatsApp API to automate important academic notifications like assignment deadlines, grade updates, schedule changes, and event reminders. Ensure students and parents are always in the loop.

  • Next Gen PTA Meetings

    EnableX's Video API can be used to host virtual parent-teacher meetings, ensuring regular communication between educators and parents regarding student progress.

Omnichannel Ecommerce
Optimize Learning With Flexibility And Tailored Solutions

Embrace EnableX CPaaS to Elevate
to NextGen Learning

Empower your education solutions with EnableX CPaaS, overcoming challenges with flexible APIs
and customized options. Explore diverse commercial models tailored to your needs, ensuring
cost-effective usage.


Enable interactive voice assistance for student queries


Conduct virtual classrooms and interactive on-demand, instant tutorials with real-time video communication


Send instant text notifications, reminders, and alerts to keep students informed

WhatsApp Business API

Incorporate AI-chatbots using WhatsApp API for prompt query resolution and seamless self-service

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