EnableX Face AI​

Transforming Conversations with Intelligence

Build smarter communications with AI-enabled Video Calls powered by Face Analysis and Emotion Recognition Technology ​

 Bringing Intelligence
EnableX Face AI

The perfect solution for analysing facial emotions and features

Based on Deep Neural Network and Human Perception AI, EnableX Face AI API intelligently analyses and measures facial expressions and emotions of one or multiple faces in real-time to deliver more natural, contextual and meaningful engagement experiences.

Advanced AI

Moving beyond facial recognition to achieve nuanced human perception through continuous streaming analysis.

Multiple Faces Analysis

Analyse one or multiple faces all in real time.

Light and Fast

AI HTML5 SDK is under 1MB, so it’s super-fast.

Easy-to-use SDK

Integration is a breeze with how-to guides and samples

GDPR Compliant

No video, images, or personal data are stored

Platform and Device Agnostic

Works flawlessly on any web, app or live video call

Face AI Features

Streaming Analysis to better understand users’ attributes and engagement

Unlike static image analysis, EnableX Face AI continuously analyse complex and dynamic human expressions in real-time.

Attention and Liveness Estimator

Calculate valence, arousal, gaze direction, head orientation and more to detect identity spoofing or simply use it to understand your customers’ interest level.


Emotion Indicator

Detects facial expressions and measures the sentiments of one or multiple faces of the users or callers in real-time. Know how your customers feel so that you can build more engaging customer experiences.


Age and Gender Indicator

Advanced machine learning techniques provide you with gender detection and age estimator. Use such information to adjust your ads, campaigns and content to meet their profiles.

Face and Feature Recognition

Get 3D head pose and the coordinates of facial feature points such as chin tip, nose tip, lip corners, mouth contour, eyebrow contours and more to build a strong customer identification program.

Use Cases

The Future of Video Communications

See how different industries can harness Face AI to a new level, making it possible to drive and measure engagement in real-time

Emotion AI for Education

Online Education

Driving the future of online teaching

Explore Facial Recognition and Emotion Analysis capabilities that are revolutionising education for students and educational institutes.

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Affective AI for retail and marketing

Marketing and Retailers

Providing The Right Product To The Right Customer

Customers of today desire more personalisation from their favourite brands. Emotion Analysis is helping brands achieve this by providing crucial insights about their customers.

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Emotion AI for exam proctoring

Virtual Exam Proctoring

Online Exam Proctoring Sets Fresh Invigilation Standard

Discover how remote proctoring is setting newer, more systematised standards of conducting online exams with Live Video and Emotion AI.

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Affective AI for contact center

Customer Service

Taking call center to the next level

Streamline the workflow of your brand’s contact center by integrating Face and Emotion Recognition AI in a way that works best for your business and customers.

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Emotion AI for Human Resource

Human Resources

Revolutionise Talent Hunting and Recruitment

Efficiently attract, interview and assess top talent, while offering candidates the opportunity to interview at their convenience.

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Emotion AI for banking


Reinvent the Wheel With Intelligent-driven Financial Services

Establish a smarter, more technologically advanced mechanism to offer personalised, secure and innovative customer experience.

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