SMS Campaign Manager

SMS Campaign Manager

Create and run SMS campaigns in minutes

Enables targeted outreach with real-time tracking of campaign performance

SMS Campaign Manager Overview

Design Your SMS Campaign Your Way

No Coding Required
No Coding Required

Start SMS marketing in minutes, without any coding or technical expertise needed. Just import your contacts, design your campaign, and hit send.

Global Reach
Global Reach

Effortlessly target global audiences by running campaigns as needed. Simply, choose the contacts and countries you want to reach.

Compliance Assurance

With content moderation and streamlined opt-in/opt-out management, we ensure adherence while driving sales, leading to campaign success.

Advanced Capabilities

With EnableX SMS Campaign Manager,
you can

Customize URLs
Customize URLs

Embed traceable links within your SMS messages, using concise and clear call-to-actions to guide recipients directly to your desired landing page

Schedule Campaigns
Schedule Campaigns

Send SMS instantly or schedule for later. Reach customers in real-time or choose the perfect moment for maximum impact. Messages resonate most with your audience

Track Every Click
Track Every Click

Gain invaluable insights into campaign performance with detailed click tracking reports, revealing which

SMS Campaign Manager Analytics

Optimize Your SMS Marketing Campaigns with Real-Time Insights and Analytics

Centralized Management

Manage SMS campaigns from a single interface, streamlining marketing efforts and ensuring consistency across channels.

Real-Time Reporting

Access real-time reporting to monitor campaign performance, track deliveries, responses, bounces, and overall engagement metrics instantly, providing valuable insights for optimization.

Advanced Features

Automatic number formatting for international campaigns, with secure private SMS routes, to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of SMS campaigns.

SMS Campaign Manager Benefits

Grow your Business with EnableX SMS

  • Boost conversions: Drive direct action with targeted SMS campaigns, increasing sales and website traffic.
  • Personalize Interactions: Use segmentation and personalization features to tailor your SMS messages to individual customers for a more relevant and impactful experience.
  • Enhance customer loyalty: Cultivate stronger relationships through personalized communication and timely updates.
  • Optimize operational efficiency: Automate workflows and streamline campaign management, saving time and resources.
  • Gain valuable insights: Measure campaign performance and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.
  • Improve brand awareness: Stay top-of-mind with timely, relevant SMS messages that resonate with your audience.
Customer Acquisition
SMS Campaign Manager Key Features

Orchestrate targeted SMS campaigns, automate workflows, and maximize engagement

  • Effortless Segmentation: Divide your customer base into precise groups based on demographics, preferences, or purchase behavior for laser-focused campaigns.

  • Individual and Group Messaging: Engage with both individual contacts and targeted groups, ensuring personalized communication at scale.

  • Global Reach: Expand your footprint and connect with customers worldwide, regardless of location.

  • Unlimited Templates: Create and store an endless library of campaign templates for quick deployment and consistent messaging.

  • Scheduled Delivery: Plan and schedule campaigns in advance for optimal timing and impact.

  • Two-Way Messaging: Foster interactive communication by receiving responses directly from campaign recipients.

  • Delivery Tracking: Monitor message delivery status for complete campaign visibility.

  • Detailed Logs: Review past campaigns and user interactions with comprehensive messaging logs.

SMS Campaign Manager Use Cases

One SMS Platform for All Your Needs

Customer Loyalty Programs
Customer Loyalty Programs

Deliver personalized coupon codes and promotional offers tailored to customers' preferred products, fostering loyalty and incentivizing repeat purchases.

Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback

Facilitate meaningful engagement with customers through two-way messaging, gathering valuable insights and feedback to enhance service quality and satisfaction levels.

Marketing Campaigns
Marketing Campaigns

Send tailored messages regarding new offerings, services, or events directly to your subscribers, enhancing engagement and brand visibility.

Sales Promotion
Sales Promotion

Extend exclusive deals, discounts, or promotional codes to subscribers, fostering incentivized purchasing behaviors and driving sales growth.

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