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Reach Anyone with Robust Voice Call Infrastructure

Integrate jitter-free, crystal-clear voice calls across any browser, app, and device with Voice Call API.

Build your Voice Conversations Without Boundaries

Make and receive calls with anyone in the world who has an internet connection or a phone number. Now, you can embed Voice-over-IP (VoIP), PSTN and SIP calling directly into your mobile app, browser, or AI chatbots using your preferred programming language. With our easy-to-implement Voice APIs and SDKs, you get to market faster and enjoy a peace of mind with crystal-clear voice quality.

VoIP Call

Build immersive one-to-one to large scale Voice-over-IP calls across browsers, mobile and web applications.

Phone Call

Connect to PSTN networks globally and reach anyone with an EnableX phone number.

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Build The Voice Calling Experience You Need


Build crystal-clear voice applications across PSTN and VOIP using your preferred programming language.


Features That Propel the Performance of Communications

Enriched features to help you build the exact voice calling apps that you need and the experience your users love.

  • Voice Broadcast

    Execute large scale automated voice calling for alerts and notifications with outbound voice calls and optional IVR feedback.

  • Group Voice Call

    Create audio calls globally from one-to-one calls to multi-party calls by bridging any combination of client, SIP and PSTN calls.

  • SIP Interconnect

    Interoperate between VOIP and telephony systems for SIP-based voice calls

  • Virtual Numbers

    Choose from a massive inventory of phone numbers from us or bring your own for connection to PSTN Calls

  • Call Masking

    Connect callers and recipients while safeguarding their privacy with our number anonymisation service

  • Text-to-Speech

    Convert text to voice on our platform and broadcast to your global audience

Features of Voice API

Execute large scale automated voice calling for alerts and notifications with outbound voice calls and optional IVR feedback.

  • Interactive Voice Response

    Collect feedback and respond to customer inquiries or route calls to the right person with multi-level IVR

  • Recording

    Record, store, transcribe and retrieve voice calls and protect those recordings with encryption

  • Caller ID

    Display a number that your customer can identify with using EnableX virtual numbers

  • SMS Integration

    Never miss connecting with customers again. With voice integrated with SMS, any missed call could automatically trigger a SMS notification for follow-up

  • Automated Voice Messages

    Play pre-recorded audio messages at a pre-set time for announcements, alert and notifications

Use Cases

Countless Use Cases Limited Only by Your Imagination

Click To Call
Group Conferencing Call API
Voice Broadcast API

Voice-based Broadcasting

A ringing phone is often harder to ignore compared to a text message. This serves well for emergencies and time-sensitive alerts where immediate attention is needed.

Automatically convert text messages to voice calls, and send across devices in bulk. You can use a simple IVR application to capture individual feedback too.

Voice OTP
Voice API for Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign

Run lead generation campaigns by advertising your dedicated phone number in addition to the usual web forms and emails. All received call data is captured, such as call lengths, call dates, and calling parties, so that you can run analytics to improve your campaigns further.

Voice API for Private Conversation
Developer Guide

Get Started with Voice API

Access EnableX building blocks and start using voice call to add value to your communication.

Sample Codes

Test the quality and functionalities of EnableX from a library of sample codes.

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Developer-centric Documentation

Head over to our Developer Center for a library of APIs, documentation, and a quick start guide to get you started!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is audio call API and use cases for audio call integration?

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An audio call API enables developers to integrate voice calling into their applications, allowing users to make and receive phone calls programmatically without direct interaction with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Use cases include:

  • Inbound and Outbound Voice Call Handling: Manage inbound and outbound calls, including call routing, callback triggers, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for call distribution.
  • Large Scale Audio Conferencing: Connect people and teams worldwide with highly configurable behavior.
  • Media Streaming: Deliver calls while analyzing call media in real-time for features like sentiment analysis, conversational AI, fraud detection, call transcriptions, and voice biometrics.
  • Voice-based Reminders: Set reminders for customers.
  • Customer Support: Implement IVR systems for self-help customer support, including call forwarding, customer feedback collection, and call recording for quality audits.
  • Lead Generation: Integrate with CRM systems to capture leads through missed call advertising.
  • User Consent: Simplify user opt-in processes for services through missed call advertising.​

EnableX offers a suite of APIs that enable seamless phone call functionalities, facilitating easy development of voice applications within minutes. These use cases demonstrate how audio call APIs not only enhance communication infrastructure but also improve customer experience and drive operational efficiencies

What is a voice API?

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Voice API provides set of features for you to programmatically voice API which helps you build advanced application in quick time. EnableX Voice API provides set of advanced features like TTS, ASR, URL Play, bridging and advanced call control which can help build advanced application.

What is programmable voice API?

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With the Programmable Voice API, you can easily initiate and manage voice calls and take appropriate actions based on call status using a set of simple APIs.

What are the features of a voice calling API?

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EnableX voice API offers advanced features such as outbound and inbound calling, IVR, text-to-speech in over 120 languages, URL play, automatic speech recognition, and click-to-call API support.

How do I create a virtual mobile number?

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Virtual mobile numbers can be ordered from EnableX website. EnableX provides virtual number services in more than 100 countries.

How is click to call via website implemented in India?

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To implement click-to-call functionality via a website in India, you can use the EnableX Voice APIs. These APIs provide a seamless solution by integrating them into your website, which allows users to initiate calls with just a simple click.