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Why EnableX

Putting Real-time Communications into Things

  • Connect Data Source in Real-time

    Deliver input data to your AI engine for analytics and receive processed output data with low latency and guaranteed delivery.

  • Multi-media communications

    Sensor data could be used to trigger an alert, voice or video collaboration session to the app or users.

  • Easy Integration

    Restful APIs make it easier to develop embedded real-time communications applications in smart devices.

  • Secure Transmission

    Data is sent using encryption techniques that make the transmission more secure than a Web Socket server.

use cases

Delivering a Smarter City

Communications technology connected with IoT can drive operational efficiency and improve safety.

  • WebRTC-based surveillance

    Through IoT devices, monitoring and protecting property, people no longer require a complicated network of camera lenses, tapes, and wiring. Instead, with secure streaming powered by EnableX, wireless cloud-based surveillance can provide video and audio monitoring accessible through any browser.

  • Smart Biometric Authentication

    Facial and voice recognition, pattern recognition, and other AI algorithms can complement surveillance systems to identify malicious behaviour. With EnableX, security and surveillance systems can send automated alerts and forward video and audio streams to the authorities for immediate action when wanted fugitives, lost children, or gunshots are detected.

  • AI-enabled Chatbot

    Chatbots that are integrated with Artificial Intelligence and EnableX’s real-time communications capabilities can result in improved customer experience. They can handle conversations with customers until it is determined that human intervention is needed. The customer engagement is then seamlessly handed over to the agent with a full chat history and contextual metadata, allowing the agent to pick up and continue the chat conversation smoothly.

  • Smart Building Intercom

    When the motion sensors in smart-door intercom device detects a visitor at the door, EnableX’s real-time communications capabilities allow the resident to see who the person is with video streaming. The resident can then trigger video calls from wherever he is.

  • Smart Environment

    Monitor every aspect of your smart city’s environment to improve living conditions, streamline operations, and reduce cost. Use real-time video capabilities for crowd analytics and management, or optimise waste management by alerting street sweepers on areas to clear the detected trash.

  • Personal Health Trackers

    Healthcare wearables that detect life-threatening health events could automatically call 911 and enable two-way audio or video calls between the wearer and first responders for immediate assistance. All calls are encrypted to ensure that the sensitive information is kept secure and confidential.

EnableX Products

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Build powerful voice products and engaging in-app voice experiences with the easy-to-use Voice API and Client SDK.

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Embed video call directly into your website or mobile applications with live video API.

Video API


Add SMS and in-app chat into your smart devices with Messages API and Client SDK.


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