Communication APIs for IoT

Communication APIs For Iot

Unleash IoT Potential: Connect, Communicate, Excel.

Leverage robust Communication APIs to create transformative IoT solutions that elevate user experiences

Enablex Iot Cpaas

Why Enablex

Supercharge your IoT platform with real-time capabilities with EnableX CPaaS API

While internet connected devices have existed for a while, building integrated experiences with them helps provide richer outcomes for device manufacturers, consumers and communities. Learn how building truly connected experiences using EnableX’s intelligent video, voice and messaging APIs can deliver results!

Connect Data Sources in Real-time

Deliver audio, video, and messaging data from your IoT devices to your backend systems, store, process and action and receive processed output data with low latency and guaranteed delivery

Multimedia Communications

Use sensor data to trigger an alert, voice or video collaboration session to the app or users

Easy Integration

Build real-time communications applications with APIs and SDKs for Web, Mobile and IoT devices

Secure Transmission

Send encrypted data for secure transmission

9 billion

IoT devices by 2030,


$108.4 billion

Global Industrial IoT market is expected to reach by 2030

6 billion+

Global IoT cellular connections in 2030,

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Explore Iot Cpaas Use Cases

Enhance Automation with Robust IoT

While you may have used communications services in your healthcare operations discretely, learn how an
end-to-end journey designed using a Communications Platform can empower your teams to deliver more:

  • Simplified Property Monitoring

    With our always on, low latency web enabled video API, improve your CCTV operations from mere video feeds. Build face detection, object detection and intrusion detection, fire detection, visible gas leaks, and other occurrences, and remotely alert internal teams and emergency services instantly.

  • Authentication and Security

    By incorporating SMS APIs into IoT devices, you can add an extra layer of security to access control systems, smart locks, or other connected devices, ensuring that only authorized users can interact with them.

Smart Buildings
  • Efficient Transportation

    Measure arrivals, departures, and peak loads to calculate possible delays and inform travelers in real-time to reduce congestion. Monitor roads to ensure smooth traffic and 24/7 road safety.

  • Parking Management and Surveillance

    Provide intelligent assistance for managing parking spaces, reducing waiting times, and distributing traffic.

Smart Cities
  • Air Quality

    Monitor air quality and pollution levels to maintain a healthy environment. Send real time alerts to citizens and city governance teams to take quick actions.

  • Emergency Alerts

    Based on specific criteria, use video feeds and other data to quickly alert citizens in case of emergencies

IoT in Environment
  • Remote Patient Monitoring

    Automatically receive real-time updates about key patient metrics like heart rate, blood pressure, sugar levels, glucose, and temperature.

    Assist the patients remotely, with prescriptions based on their health data. Faster response times during emergencies.

  • Medical Equipment Monitoring

    Use computer vision technology and automate inspections of medical equipment, gain faster and better insights, and make timely decisions, reducing costs.

Enablex Iot Solutions

Solve IoT Business Challenges Using
EnableX CPaaS

Customize your IoT Solution, explore EnableX APIs for IoT Businesses. Pay for the services you use, with a
flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model!


Create seamless voice interactions for your IoT devices and applications using our Voice API and Client SDK.


Integrate live video communication directly into your IoT solutions with our Video API & Client SDKs.


Incorporate SMS and in-app chat functionality into your IoT devices and applications using our API and Client SDK.

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