How to create iOS In-app calling with CallKit and EnableX API


Create iOS in App Calling With Apple Callkit & EnableX API

VOIP apps like Skype, WhatsApp, and Messenger paved the way for the popularity of App-to-App calling, and WebRTC has undoubtedly gone a step ahead by implementing these capabilities right into your browser or your mobile app. However, without a rich UI and a proper notification mechanism, even a very promising technology could be rendered useless. While VOIP or WebRTC takes care of the intricacies of a real-time communication session, a user is only bothered about making and receiving calls easily, which is why Apple, being focus on user experience, came up with CallKit to achieve this. In this blog, you will learn how to leverage the WebRTC-based CPaaS platform (EnableX) to develop a native dialer interface in iOS, which will mimic a similar experience for App-to-App calling. You can achieve this by using CallKit and EnableX APIs.

What is CallKit?

CallKit is an apple framework (introduced with iOS 10) that aims to improve the VoIP experience by allowing other call-related applications to integrate with the native phone UI. This significantly enhances the user experience, mainly in eliminating the need to open an app when answering, dropping, or blocking a call. CallKit will allow your app to:

  • Displaying incoming/outgoing calls on the native call screen in both the locked and unlocked state.
  • Dial any third-party calling services like any VoIP service on the iPhone for e.g., EnableX.
  • Make in-app voice calls from the native phone app’s Contacts, Favourites, or Recent screens.

In a pre-CallKit era, delivering notifications was a major pain point as calls appearing under regular notifications were easy to miss. CallKit has helped software developers immensely by offering iOS native UI for VoIP apps as the apps could not be well-integrated without a rich, built-in call UI.

Note: It is also important to note that although CallKit provides a native UI, it requires Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) or any third-party notification service to notify the end-user when the call starts or ends. Therefore, while creating a certificate to notify a call to end-user, do remember to enable VoIP call option in it.  


How do you use CallKit on iOS?

You can easily do this by following the steps given below:
• Gain a basic understanding of swift/objective-c and xcode.
• Create a free developer account on EnableX portal.
• Use CocoaPods to install the project files and dependencies.
• Create a CX Provider.
• Start and answer a call using CallKit. Next, Integrate EnableX APIs with CallKit.

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