Wrizto Healthcare’s journey with EnableX’s Live Video Calling API

Case Studies The Journey of Wrizto Healthcare with EnableX's Live Video API Integration
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Wrizto Healthcare, is a leading digital integrated-telecare ecosystem, transforming healthcare delivery with technology and operates across the healthcare from illness to wellness. Wrizto offers a powerful blend of services, platforms and consulting to large health systems and service providers.
Wrizto, In their relentless pursuit of innovation, they launched “SamVita”, a comprehensive set if IoT enabled POCD products/solutions. Further to enable the care delivery close to where people live, they identified an opportunity to enhance SamVita’s patient engagement capabilities by integrating real-time video calling based consultations. Thus, making primary healthcare and services affordably accessible to everyone, anywhere. 


Despite SamVita’s advanced features, the challenge lay in enabling dynamic, real-time patient interactions that could offer a seamless, immersive consultation experience. Existing video conferencing systems exhibited high latency and lacked certain interactive and integration capabilities that were deemed essential for real-time consultations. Hence, Wrizto sought a robust, secure, and scalable solution which could seamlessly enhance Samvita with real-time video consultation capabilities.


EnableX’s video calling API emerged as the perfect solution for SamVita. Our platform provided the infrastructure for low-latency, real-time video communication. Additional interactive features like screen sharing and virtual whiteboards further enriched the patient consultation experience. Moreover, EnableX’s rigorous data security measures helped Wrizto meet their unwavering commitment to data privacy.

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  • Proactive Healthcare Delivery: EnableX’s Live Video Calling API has allowed Wrizto’s SamVita to shift from reactive to proactive healthcare delivery. By enabling virtual check-ins and follow-ups, healthcare providers can monitor patients’ health more closely, preventing potential health issues before they escalate. This approach not only improves health outcomes but also reduces the overall cost of care for patients.
  • Improved Collaboration: EnableX’s Live Video API has facilitated seamless collaboration between healthcare providers. Specialists can now easily join video consultations, discuss cases, and plan coordinated care, ensuring comprehensive healthcare delivery and improved patient outcomes.
  • Scalable Solution: EnableX’s robust and adaptable video solution ensures consistent performance and user experience, regardless of the growing user base of Wrizto Healthcare.
  • Insightful Decision-Making: Wrizto is utilizing user interaction data and other relevant information collected by EnableX’s platform for service improvements and delivering better customer experience. 
  • Expanded Operational Hours: By incorporating EnableX’s Live Video Calling API, Wrizto Healthcare can offer extended consultation hours on SamVita. This allows patients to receive healthcare services outside traditional office hours, catering to a wider range of patient needs and schedules.
  • Technological Leadership: By integrating EnableX’s advanced Live Video API into their SamVita, Wrizto Healthcare has set a new benchmark in the digital healthcare market. This technological leap has enabled them to provide a more interactive and immersive healthcare experience, solidifying their reputation as an innovative leader in the industry and attracting more users to their platform.

The EnableX Experience

“EnableX’s Live Video API has turbocharged our mission to provide cutting-edge healthcare solutions. By integrating Video technology as part of SamVita, we’re successfully transitioning into proactive and efficient healthcare delivery. Their user-friendly APIs and dedicated technical support facilitated a smooth transition to this new mode of communication. This strategic alliance is steering us closer to our vision of transforming the healthcare landscape.”- Manish Katke, Founder, Wrizto Healthcare

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