How to Embed Video Calling App to WordPress Website in 3 Simple Steps

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Looking for a WordPress video chat plugin? WordPress plugins are quite popular, but they significantly slow down a website and also lack customization options. Now, you have a much better option than using a WordPress video calling plugin.

In this post, you will learn how to easily create a one-to-one or group video calling solution for your website without any plugin. You can easily do this with EnableX No-Code Visual Builder.


How To Integrate No-Code Video Embed With WordPress Website

You can deploy video calling capabilities right through your WordPress admin in just 3 simple steps:


  1. Configure a low code embed project in the portal

    First, you will need to Sign Up  to create an EnableX account, which is absolutely free. Once you set up the account, you can access to the EnableX portal. In the portal, you will need to create a Project followed by configuring your video meeting solution with EnableX  Visual Builder to get a unique iFrame code.

    Learn How to Use EnableX Visual Builder and Generate iFrame Code


  2. Embed the iFrame code to your WordPress website

    • Add a Custom HTML block to your page
      Next, sign in to your website and add a Custom HTML block on the page where you want to embed a video chat on your WordPress website. If you have no idea of the custom HTML block and how to add it, read this guide: Custom HTML |

Video call in wordpress 4



    • Copy and paste the iFrame code in the Custom HTML block
      Once done, simply copy the iFrame code from EnableX Console and paste it in the Custom HTML widget.


video call in wordpress 1


    • Save the Page
      After, you embed the iFrame Code in the HTML block, press the Save button.

video call in wordpress 2


    • Test it
      You can open the page in a browser to see how your video embed is working. It helps you evaluate the quality of WordPress video calling.

video call in wordpress 3


  1. Publish Your Site.

    Your video calling app is ready. Hit the Publish button, and you’re ready to go live!

A Brief Note for HTML Block

Using a custom HTML block is highly recommended as it makes the process easier; you can easily debug any issue if arises later.


All this being said, you must have realized by now how easy it is to embed video calling in WordPress. In fact, it’s as easy as ordering a pizza online.

EnableX No Code Visual Builder is the right choice if you are looking to build an engaging communication experience with absolute creative freedom without having to write code, sign up with EnableX and try it out.


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