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Why EnableX

A Blend Of Humans And Machine To Improve Customer Experience

  • Omni-Channel Experience

    Your customers can communicate with you within the application or web page, across multiple platforms, devices and browsers. No addition plug-in or downloads required.

  • Seamless Integration

    Seamless integration with CRM, AI,traditional telephony systems and call centre infrastructure.

  • Contextual Services

    As all communications are done within your app, your agent has the full context of customers’ information and browsing history.

use cases

Build Meaningful Customer Relationships throughout the Entire Customer Journey

Empower your customer support agent to deliver exceptional customer experience across channels.

  • In-Store Interactive Kiosks

    Customers may not always get all the information they need from in-store representatives, especially during peak hours. Video-enabled interactive kiosks resolve this by allowing remote agents to answer any in-depth questions that customers may have.

  • Contact Centre Enquiries

    Integrate voice, video and chat functionalities into your CRM application so your agents can work within one application and gain immediate access to call context. The whole communication can be encrypted and recorded for further customer service agent evaluation and training.

  • Video-enabled Chatbots

    With EnableX video chat seamlessly embedded into a Chatbot, the customer engagement can easily escalate from a chatbot conversation to an actual live agent whenever necessary. And because of the integration, all context and chat history are made available to the agent, without the need for the customer to repeat his inquiries.

  • Technical Help-Desk

    Real-time see-what-I-see capabilities provide agents with a better understanding of the situation, increasing the rate of first-call resolution and reducing operational cost. Coupled with collaboration features, it allows the agent to annotate on the customers' screen or use the pointers to direct the clients.

  • Live Video Product Demo

    The agent can stream short videos, during a video chat, to demonstrate how to assemble products, how to use the features, and how to troubleshoot them. At any time, the agent can pause the video and highlight the relevant sections or draw further diagrams to explain it better.

  • Customer Support Number

    Enable your customers to engage with a Virtual Number published. The agent assigned can begin a text conversation with the customer. If the customer calls, the conversation continues via voice or video call, preserving the context of the discussion.

Customer Engagement Journey

Revolutionise The Customer Engagement Journey

Here is an example of how AI and Real-time communications provide insight-driven contact centre experience.

Customer Service Communication Journey

  • Having a highly engaging customer experience is key to business success. Increasingly, companies are leveraging on disruptive technology, such as AI and Real-time Communications to not just offer an experience customers expect, but to also anticipate their needs and deliver a personalised experience.

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