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Omnichannel Retail & E-commerce

With end-to-end digital marketing, sales and fulfillment, personalized marketing communication with omnichannel support, EnableX offers one of the best Retail & Ecommerce Communications Platforms globally.

Learn how Direct to Consumer brands and large retailers alike can use our video API, voice, and messaging solutions to build a sustained advantage.

paytm bankOfBaroda rubix
$8.5 trillion

Estimated Global eCommerce
market size by 2026

FIS Global Payments Report 2023

$60 billion

The live commerce market
in China in 2023

The Economic Times


Combat Fraud

Real-time identity verification allows you to identify and prevent potential fraud attempts.

Why EnableX?

Detailed Insights
Detailed Insights

Get detailed insights and build customer personas to make better business decisions.

Omnichannel Platform
Omnichannel Platform

Empower your brand with real-time personalized marketing communications with your customers on their preferred channels via SMS, Chat, Voice, Video, WhatsApp, Face AI, and Emotion AI, AI Bot.

Specialised use cases for Retail
Specialised use cases for Retail

Service prospects and customers on the channels they want, and manage their complete lifecycle from marketing to support.

Explore Retail & Ecommerce Applications

Alerts. Conversations. Conversions.

  • Integrated Marketing Communication

    Notify consumers of offers, product launches, discount coupons, sneak peeks and events via text SMS, WhatsApp, or in-app messaging. Integrate with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to conduct automated surveys to gain feedback and insights, and track campaign performance.

  • Build Customer Loyalty

    Deliver personalized recommendations and catalogues based on customer journey. Tailor customer focused real-time communications via chatbots and build brand loyalty.

  • Virtual Video Demos Purchase Support

    Create engaging live video experiences by helping customers through the purchase cycle.

  • Live Commerce

    Create instant yet intimate online experiences using rich HLS Streaming, enabling thousands of customers to experience your latest launches.

  • Enable Self-Checkout

    AI enabled chatbots can help complete orders and transactions and give recommendations.

  • Post sales support

    AI enabled chatbots can help complete orders and transactions and give recommendations.

Personalized CX
  • Reduce Checkout Time and Costs

    Enhance in-store operations by equipping staff with portable scanners and POS terminals and providing customers e-receipts.

  • Equipment and Inventory Management

    Manage maintenance of electrical equipment, lighting, and elevators to reduce costs through IoT based alerts and reminders. Manage inventory instantly replenish stock for best-selling items.

In-Store Operations
  • Delivery Notifications

    Allow customers to track orders in real-time through notifications and updates using WhatsApp or SMS or Voice Calls through Click-to-Call solutions

  • Cart Abandonment Alerts

    Address cart abandonment and offer personalized 24/7 support.

  • Personalized Notifications

    Use AI-enabled chatbots to deliver personalized customer service by analyzing the customer issue. Reduce response time to build strong customer relations.

  • Protect Privacy. Boost Trust

    Build customer trust with end-to-end encrypted conversations, OTP payment verifications, proper KYC process.

Omnichannel Ecommerce
Personalized Retail & Ecommerce APIs

Solve Retail & Ecommerce Business
Challenges Using EnableX

Customize Your Retail & Ecommerce Solution, explore EnableX APIs for Retail & Ecommerce
Businesses. Pay for the services you use, with a flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model.


Build powerful voice products and engaging in-app voice experiences with the easy-to-use Voice API and Client SDK.


Embed video call directly into your website or mobile applications with live video API


Add SMS and in-app AI chatbots into your retail app with Messages API and Client SDK.


Add WhatsApp API and chatbot into your retail app.


EnableX Retail & Ecommerce CPaaS
Success Stories

They trusted EnableX Hire and their success now speaks of the results.

"Choosing EnableX Hire allowed TalentOnLease to extend the capability of existing technical infrastructure and deliver the next level of communication experience to stakeholders without costly upgrades. Because of the robust communications infrastructure, the recruitment process became almost frictionless, significantly shrinking the time-to-hire".

- Daya Prakash, Founder, TalentOnLease

“We are now conducting a lot of virtual & hybrid versions of physical events via our ready to use event templates such as Virtual Summits, Virtual Job Fairs, Virtual Expos etc., and it’s amazing to observe the kind of productivity and participation boost. Being able to measure that boost helps us come up with better enhancements and much of this has been made achievable by the use of Live Video from EnableX. They are sure to remain our preferred CPaaS Partner for upcoming developments too”.

- Mohit Ramani, Founder & CEO Innoevent Technologies

“What led us to EnableX was the vast variety of features that they offer and easy-to-implement APIs, which meant we didn’t have to run around and try to piece together other infrastructure. We’re continuing to work on creating a better, more robust solution for larger groups, and folks at EnableX are definitely helping with that”.

- Sudhi Agarwal, Co-Founder & Director, Revisewise Education Solutions