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Why EnableX

Improve Customer Relationships through Contextual Communications

98% of customers reported that they are more likely to make another purchase if they have had a good experience with the company.

Source: Accenture

  • Contextual Communication

    As all communications is done within your app, your agent has the full context of shoppers’ information and browsing history.

  • Omni-Channel Experience

    Works on any platform and channel. Your customers can easily communicate with you on mobile app, website, chatbot, and social channels without the need for any additional plugins or downloads.

  • Powerful Functionality

    From private conversations to recordings and group communications, you get all the features you need to keep your customers engaged.

Use Cases

Drive Conversions with Real-time Communication

Build an omni-channel experience that engages customers and improves conversions.

  • Customer Support

    Embed AI-powered chatbot and smart shopping assistant features onto your websites, eCommerce platforms or applications. Allow your customers to activate a voice or video chat when they need agent assistance.

  • Retail Broadcasting

    Amplify your brand by providing broadcasting notifications to your consumers at scale. Notify them of your offers, product launches, sneak peeks and events via text SMS or in-app messaging. Integrate with IVR for your marketer to conduct automated surveys to gain valuable feedback and insights.

  • Buyer-seller communications

    Connect buyers and sellers in real-time without sharing their personal contact details. Buyers can chat with sellers or even escalate to a video call to view the product live, all within the ecommerce platform. Once the transaction is done, sellers can notify buyers on the delivery information via SMS too.

  • Smart Brick and Mortar stores

    Integrate real-time communications with IoT devices and location analytics. Sensors send information to EnableX platform to automatically issue SMS or voice message alerts of sales and discounts to consumers who are within a predefined proximity of a store.

EnableX Products

Empowering Innovative Retail and Marketplace Applications


Build powerful voice products and engaging in-app voice experiences with the easy-to-use Voice API and Client SDK.

Voice API


Embed video call directly into your website or mobile applications with live video API.

Video API


Add SMS and in-app chat into your retail App with Messages API and Client SDK.


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