With EnableX Voice API it is easy to build high-quality hosted voice applications in the cloud. The EnableX Voice API allows you to enhance your existing website or app with voice interaction with the following features

  • Make outbound calls to a SIP/PSTN using REST API calls.
  • Receive incoming calls on EnableX Voice server over a webhook and initiate additional actions
  • Bridge the incoming call to another number.
  • Play a custom IVR and collect user response over DTMF and take further programmable action
  • Record and store inbound or outbound calls
  • Create voice-only conference calls
  • Call Bridging and voice broadcasting
  • Can play DTMF tones on behalf of the user
  • Send text-to-speech messages in 40 languages with different genders and accents
  • Make outbound calls using REST-based API calls. Send text-to-speech messages in 117 languages with different genders and accents

Basic Terminology and Concepts

Shared Number

EnableX shared number allows user to instantly purchase a valid phone number for CLI and also allows it to be used as an inbound PSTN number for calling into and EnableX room

Dedicated Number

Subscriber can purchase the phone number from portal or order the number for their specific countries. Once allocated, this number will be dedicated and default system IVR will not be necessary and call will be directly handed over to the application.

Virtual Numbers

These are PSTN numbers which appear as Caller Line Identification (CLI) on the end user’s phone when voice service application performs a voice call. Numbers are also the dial-in phone number end-user calls to join a voice conference or an EnableX Room conference.


Webhooks are Asynchronous APIs to allow EnableX servers to send data to you on a defined event. A webhook may be the result of an earlier voice API call like the call is answered and your application needs to act on that event. Webhooks are also used to notify your application of events such as an incoming call


EnableX platform can bridge incoming PSTN calls with an outgoing PSTN call without EnableX Room. In this scenario, it combines two calls via the EnableX app or platform.


Text to Speech: Using our Text-To-Speech engine, you can play machine-generated speech to your callers


Recording audio input from a PSTN caller or recording the conversations among many callers in an EnableX Room


You can connect a call to a SIP endpoint in case your PABX supports SIP interface