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Best Video Recruitment Platform for the Next Gen Workforce

Streamline Hiring and Boost Employee Engagement

Blend Time-Honored HR Practices with Advanced Tech through EnableX

EnableX Video Interview Platform: Transforming the Recruitment Landscape

Shaping the Future of Hiring and

With EnableX, forge digitally-enhanced experiences for candidates and employees, enriching
every facet of the HR process. Utilize AI and NLP-powered communication channels to
streamline HR operations, curb operational expenses and amplify employee satisfaction!

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of recruiters say AI would make their jobs better


of the companies say their recruiting and onboarding is at least half virtual


of today’s workers could see their jobs impacted by generative AI

Empowering the Future of Work with AI-Driven Solutions

Revolutionizing HR with EnableX Video
Interview Software

  • AI-Driven Talent Acquisition

    Utilize AI and NLP through SMS and programmable IVRs to streamline the job posting process, using advanced algorithms to match potential candidates to job requirements.

  • Intelligent Onboarding

    Deploy AI and NLP-based HR bots through WhatsApp for a self-serve onboarding experience, guiding new hires through company policies and roles, drastically reducing HR time and effort.

  • Video-Assisted Employee Training

    Leverage video calls to conduct AI-enhanced virtual training sessions, providing personalized learning experiences and skill development paths for employees.

User Engagement and Experience
  • Omnichannel Employee Engagement

    Seamlessly blend Voice, WhatsApp, and Text Messaging to offer an integrated and consistent employee engagement experience, driving higher satisfaction and retention rates.

  • AI-Powered Performance Reviews

    Use AI and NLP to gather and analyze performance data via SMS, generating personalized feedback and development plans, improving employee loyalty with tailored HR solutions.

Security and Compliance
  • Secure HR Document Management

    Streamline HR needs with seamless and secure sharing of HR documents, contracts, and validation forms via video, messaging, or WhatsApp, enhancing data security in the future of work.

AI-Driven Customer Service
EnableX CPaaS: Pioneering a New Era in HR and Recruitment

Revitalizing HR and Recruitment
with Tech-Forward Solutions

EnableX APIs give you the leverage to architect your bespoke HR solutions. Our adaptive pricing structure, founded on a
usage-based model, assures maximal savings without negotiating on superior functionality. With our wide array of
commercial models on offer, we are poised to facilitate and adapt as per your evolving needs, keeping your HR and
Recruitment methodologies at the forefront of innovation and value!


Engage candidates with personalized support, answering their queries, resolving concerns, and offering job insights.


Conduct dynamic and immersive video interviews, seamless onboarding sessions, and interactive training.


Reach candidates instantly with job alerts, interview confirmations, and timely onboarding reminders via SMS.

WhatsApp Business API

Utilize WhatsApp automation to send AI-powered messages, like job acceptances, benefit info, and policy updates.

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