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Why EnableX

Improve Talent Screening Techniques with the Right Combination of AI and Real-time Communications

  • High Definition Call

    Connect with candidates on a personal level and create a human experience with immersive video calling.

  • Simple Integration

    With easy-to-use API, you can integrate voice, video and messaging capabilities directly into your recruitment platforms and HRMS systems.

  • Smart Features

    Get everything you need for an efficient talent hunt. From multi-party video calling and recording to video analytics, you get them all within your recruitment portal.

use cases

Changing the View of HR and Recruitment with EnableX

Improve employee engagement and talent search with real-time communications.

  • Talent Search

    Engage and recruit talent quickly and cost-effectively. Utilise video calls to efficiently connect with potential candidates. During interviews, you can add experts to assess the applicants for a more thorough initial screening before you shortlist for the hiring manager.

  • Interview Recording

    Interviewees can access the recruitment platform, upload their CV and do a self-introduction which will be video recorded and sent to the HR to be reviewed. The recruitment manager can also record the online interview to be sent to the hiring company or manager for shortlisting.

  • Appointment Reminder

    Notify shortlisted candidates about the time and venue of the interview via SMS alerts to avoid no-shows.

  • Employee engagement

    Send out alerts and announcement through SMS and group chat to your employees globally. With two-way SMS Integrated within your app, you can send messages that require employee confirmation for time-sensitive information. Additionally, you can conduct anonymous employee customer satisfaction survey to gather feedback.

Recruitment journey

Revolutionise The Recruitment Journey

Here is an example of how AI and Real-time communications drastically improve talent screening.

Recruitment Journey

  • AI, when paired with real-time communications, can transform the world of human resource and recruitment by storm. Organisations can remove the huge administrative burden in recruitment and be empowered to make smarter hiring decisions in an increasingly challenging talent marketplace.

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EnableX products

Empowering Innovative Recruitment Applications


Build powerful voice products and engaging in-app voice experiences with the easy-to-use Voice API and Client SDK.

Voice API


Embed video call directly into your website or mobile applications with live video API,

Video API


Add SMS and in-app chat into your Recruitment App with Messages API and Client SDK


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