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Our APIs help your solution build next gen capabilities in mere minutes, helping activate new skills, queues, and customer support mechanisms in mere minutes. Now, you can add voice, video, webchat, SMS, or WhatsApp - all consolidated within one dynamic platform.

Say goodbye to disconnected communications and disjointed customer experiences.

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Benefits of Cloud Contact Center

Embracing the Advantages of Cloud-Based Solutions

Elevate Your Contact Center Operations

Unified customer view
Unified customer view

Cloud Contact Centers provide a unified view of all customer interactions across multiple channels, presenting deep insights into customer behavior, average handled time and communication preferences. This enables both clients and contact center firms to curate personalized experiences.

Maintain Customer Context
Maintain Customer Context

Seamlessly transition between channels without losing the essence of the customer conversation. Need authentication? Have an OTP sent via SMS. The customer needs to show you their issue, switch to a video call seamlessly. Never let an interaction finish without a first call resolution or next steps!

Enhance Customer Satisfaction
Enhance Customer Satisfaction

With a Cloud Contact Center, customers have the flexibility to reach out via their preferred channel. For providers, the ability to meet customers on their chosen platform and offer enhanced connectivity for premium cohorts enhances engagement.

Augment Agent Productivity
Augment Agent Productivity

Empower your agents with a comprehensive view of customer interactions, helping them to respond effectively and improve resolution time.

Improve Operational Efficiency
Improve Operational Efficiency

The centralized nature of Cloud Contact Center enables efficient resource allocation, driving down costs and improving your bottom line.

How Cloud Contact Center Integrations Work

Add new communications channels in mere minutes

Unified Customer Data
Unified Customer Data

The modern cloud contact center consolidates all customer data into a single unified view. You can use EnableX’s CPaaS platform to add or modify video, voice, SMS, or WhatsApp conversations and log them for instant context while interacting with customers.

Channel Flexibility
Channel Flexibility

Customers can interact with the organization via their preferred channel and interactions can switch between channels as needed. A truly omnichannel contact center enables seamless transition between channels, improving customer experience.

Intelligent Routing
Intelligent Routing

Basis predefined parameters- nature of the inquiry, customer preference, or agent availability, a truly omnichannel contact center routes each customer interaction optimally, addressing customer's needs effectively and promptly.

Context Preservation
Context Preservation

To help maintain the context of a conversation across channels. If a customer begins a conversation on SMS and switches to a voice call, the agent can switch seamlessly without the customer repeating the information.

Comprehensive Analytics
Comprehensive Analytics

Collecting and analyzing data from all customer interactions across channels provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, helping enhance customer service and operational efficiency.

Cloud Contact Center Use Cases

Uncovering the Vast Potential of the Cloud
Contact Center

Industry Use Case How EnableX Cloud Contact Center Solution Helps
BPO BPO Multichannel Customer Support Incorporate advanced features like AI-powered IVR, automatic call distribution, and real-time analytics. EnableX Cloud Contact Center seamlessly integrates voice, video, SMS, and instant messaging, enabling smooth transition between channels, reducing customer wait times, and improving overall customer experience.
Banking and Insurance Banking and Insurance Secure Customer Service and Query Resolution Helps provide secure, encrypted, and compliant platforms. EnableX Cloud Contact Center support PCI DSS standards for financial transactions, data encryption for protecting sensitive information, and comprehensive audit trails, all while allowing customers to communicate through their preferred channels.
Ecommerce Ecommerce Efficient Customer Service and Order Management We offer functionalities such as real-time inventory updates, AI chatbots for 24/7 customer support, integrated CRM for personalized communication, and the flexibility to communicate using video, voice, SMS, or instant messaging.
Manufacturing Manufacturing Streamlined Communication with Dealers and Suppliers EnableX Cloud Contact Centers facilitate integrated communication platforms, fostering collaboration tools, shared workspaces, file sharing, and real-time updates to streamline the interaction with suppliers and dealers, thus enhancing operational efficiency.
Startups Startups Customer Engagement and Sales Support We provide flexible APIs and SDKs that allow integration with existing workflows, and also support a variety of communication channels, AI-powered customer insights, and predictive analytics to optimize sales conversions and monitor customer engagement across channels.
Travel Travel Real-Time Booking Support and Itinerary Changes EnableX Cloud CC feature advanced automation and routing workflows for immediate customer query resolution. We also offer integrated booking systems, personalized communication based on customer history, and real-time updates across the customer's chosen communication channel.
Field Services Field Services/
Technical Support
On-Demand Support and Real-Time Tracking Cloud Contact Centers provide real-time tracking of service requests, GPS tracking of field technicians, automated dispatching, and resource allocation based on skill sets and location proximity. They ensure quick resolution times and a higher degree of customer satisfaction.
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