EnableX Video API And SDK: Video Call Recording And Watermarking

TechTalks Video API And SDK recording and video watermarking
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EnableX powerful Video API and SDK‘s call recording and watermarking enables you to record, store and brand your video calling sessions so that you can play them back anytime, anywhere. Organizations need recordings of video conversations for various purposes including:

  • To adhere to industry regulations, company policies and country-specific laws
  • Let your customers access their recordings at any time, from anywhere
  • For employee training and re-skilling in new roles

Generating additional revenue via on-demand access to recordings.


EnableX Video Call Recording

This feature is available as a standard feature on the Video API & SDK platform, which can be configured for auto-recording or a developer can also invoke APIs to start the recording on-demand.  Let’s learn more about auto and on-demand video call recording:


  • Auto-Recording

You can configure a meeting room with { settings: { auto_recording: true }} during Room Creation to automatically start recording a video call session. The recording can be stopped anytime by invoking the stopRecord() method.


  • On-Demand Recording

Using the EnxRoom.startRecord() method, one can start recording the video session. With EnxRoom.stopRecord() method, the session can be stopped.

There is no limit to the number of times one can start/stop recording, which is a handy feature.


Types of Video Recording Files


  • Individual participant (Stream)

Users stream are recorded individually and can be made available for download in the .MKV format.


  • Transcoded Re-playable Session

These are the files created as single composite video file from individual participant’s streams, which are available for download in the .MP4 format

Here it is to be noted that individual session recordings are available for download immediately post-session. However, it can take up to 45 minutes to transcribe and create a single, playable MP4 file.


Video Recording Delivery

Besides, with EnableX Video Recording Delivery Service, recorded video sessions can be uploaded on to your preferred server location. We currently support file transfer to the following Services / Host Servers:

  • FTP / SFTP
  • SCP
  • AWS S3 bucket
  • Google Drive
  • Azure Blob Storage

The recording feature is currently available for both web and mobile applications.


Fetching Video Call Recording

Here are the following four ways to access video call recordings:

  • Use Server API to get the file details & fetch the recordings
  • Delivered to your FTP / SFTP Server automatically
  • Download through Portal

Get notified through notification URL whenever video chat recording is ready to be downloaded.


Video Watermarking

Another feature with EnableX is you can add a watermark to your recorded video files by uploading an image file on the platform. It helps not only in branding but also prevents unauthorised use of your recorded videos.

To know more about how to enable video watermarking on recorded files, click here.


To Conclude

A flexible and scalable recording capability is essential for video calling applications. At EnableX, we’ve built the most feature-rich and complete solution to help businesses.

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