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Digital Customer Onboarding Solutions

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Efficiency in Onboarding: Enhancing Customer Experience in the Digital Age

The New Frontier of Customer Acquisition

The Rise of Digital Onboarding

In today's increasingly digital world, digital customer onboarding has become an imperative, given the fast-paced, online-centric lifestyle that consumers now lead. With EnableX’s rich conversational API platform capabilities, you can build workflows and experiences utilizing Video, Voice, SMS and WhatsApp. This ensures customers can sign up, enroll, complete KYC procedures, and start using your services, all from the comfort of their phone!

Customers onboarded using all digital or phygital onboarding processes are likely to have higher satisfaction from start to finish. For businesses, digital onboarding means more converted customers, higher NPS and CSAT, and increased customer lifetime value.

Best In Class Digital Onboarding Solutions

How will you make your customers feel?

Personalizing the Onboarding Experience to Delight Customers

Initial Contact
Initial Contact

After purchase or interest, initial contact is made via a welcome message, previewing next steps.

Scheduling Onboarding Session
Scheduling Onboarding Session

Customer receives automated message to schedule the onboarding session.

Identity Verification
Identity Verification

An OTP is sent and e-KYC video call arranged for identity authentication.

Onboarding Session
Onboarding Session

Brand introduction occurs in the session, discussing features and addressing queries.


Post-session, a follow-up message is sent, summarizing session and offering support.

Ongoing Engagement
Ongoing Engagement

Post-onboarding, customer receives regular updates, tips, and personalized recommendations.

Benefits of Digital Onboarding

Streamline, Engage, and Delight

Embrace the Digital Revolution

Accelerated Time to Value
Accelerated Time to Value

Effective onboarding enables customers to quickly understand and utilize the core features of your product or service, helping quickly deliver value- increasing customer satisfaction.

Customer Retention
Increased Customer Retention

Extend a warm welcome to new users. Help them feel comfortable with your product. When customers feel confident, they're more likely to stick around.

Enhanced Product Adoption
Enhanced Product Adoption

Through interactive digital onboarding, educate customers about advanced features, best practices, and customization options, helping them leverage your product's full potential.

Customer Engagement
Improved Customer Engagement

Foster a sense of connection and engagement. Personalized guidance demonstrates your commitment to customer success, helping increase loyalty and advocacy.

Cross-Selling and Upselling
Better Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities

Identify additional needs and opportunities for your customers, effectively cross-sell or upsell relevant products or services.

Customer Support
Reduce Customer Support Requirements

An informed customer is an empowered customer. Cut down time required to support new customers as they efficiently use your product from the get-go.

Video KYC For Financial Institutions

Rich transaction data to drive decision making

EnableX’s rich and interactive reporting helps Operations, Technology, Risk, and Marketing teams can easily build reports on:

  • -   Average handled time per transaction
  • -   Agent productivity
  • -   Device usage by end customers
  • -   Funnel conversion by contact center process, agent and centers
  • -   CDRs for each transaction to meet compliance and training needs

This data can be useful for customer profiling, advanced analytics, upselling and cross selling. Together, your teams can continue to build better customer journeys to improve funnel conversions, drive operational parameters and increase efficiency.

Customer Onboarding Use Cases

Discover how customer onboarding
is applied across various industries

Industry Use Case How EnableX Video KYC Helps
E-commerce E-commerce Streamlined account setup and personalized shopping Enhances the shopping journey and increases customer satisfaction by guiding customers through account creation, preference settings, and showcasing personalized product recommendations.
SaaS SaaS (Software
as a Service)
Seamless software adoption and user training Ensures users understand and can effectively utilize the software through interactive tutorials, walkthroughs, and knowledge base resources, leading to improved user satisfaction and productivity.
Healthcare Healthcare Patient onboarding and health education Improves patient engagement, compliance, and overall healthcare outcomes by facilitating patient registration, collecting necessary health information, and providing educational resources.
Video KYC For Bank Banking and Finance Digital banking, onboarding and financial literacy Simplifies the account opening process, promotes financial literacy, and guides users through digital banking functionalities, fostering increased adoption of digital services. Using our services, you can build a fully featured V-CIP journey for banking and financial services businesses.
HR HR and Recruitment Smooth employee onboarding and training Automates onboarding tasks, delivers essential training materials, and facilitates introductions to company culture, ensuring new hires feel welcome, informed, and equipped to contribute effectively.
Video KYC For Financial Institutions EdTech Student onboarding and course orientation Sets a positive tone for the educational journey by guiding students through course enrollment, familiarizing them with the learning platform, and providing access to support resources.
Real Estate Real Estate Tenant onboarding and property management Simplifies the process of onboarding tenants, facilitates lease agreement signing, and provides resources for property management, ensuring a smooth transition and positive tenant experience.
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