Feature-rich Video Calling

Robust platform with all the features you needed to build an engaging video experience.

Host Controls

Moderated Entry

Giving hosts full control of when a participant can join the meeting​

Wait for Moderator

For additional security, keep participants waiting till the Moderator joins the room


Host, manage, and control meetings together with your co-host. ​

Breakout Rooms

Create breakout rooms for one-to-one or smaller group conversations


Record the audio & video of your next call exactly the way you experience it

User Stream Pinning

Pin one or more participants on the screen even if they aren't actively talking

Floor Access Control

Get complete control over who to grant floor access.​

Room Lock

Lock a room to prevent uninvited/unscheduled participants from joining a meeting.​



Engage effectively with your participants while sharing your screen

Viewer Role

Allow a participant to join as a "viewer" only, where they can receive audio/video from other participants but cannot send their own


Enable participants to mark-up, write notes or draw on the screen for a more engaging discussion.

Canvas Streaming

Support for streaming canvas object content from HTML DOM.

Live Streaming

Expand your reach to millions of potential viewers by live streaming to any RTMP or CDN providers

User Experience


Specify the exact location where you want to place the watermark on the recorded video

Active Talker

Highight the last 12 active speakers in a large-scale call

Optimum Communication

Automatically prioritise audio communication over video when you experience lower bandwidth, to keep connected

Video Simulcast

Send the best quality video stream possible for each participant, based on their respective network conditions

Global Media Zones

Host media traffic in preferred regions to comply with local regulations.

Large Rooms

Create a group room that can host up to 500 participants in video meetings and 1000 participants in webinar.

Security & Compliance

AES 256bit Encryption

Encrypt all conversations. Client-server is routed through a DTLS connection for an extra layer of security.


EnableX has been designed is consistent with HIPAA obligations


Like most cloud-based platforms, EnableX uses the shared responsibility model to protect privacy and is GDPR compliant.

Better Reach

Large Rooms

Create a group room that can host up to 500 participants in video meetings and 1000 participants in webinar.

PSTN Integration

Allows inbound and outbound PSTN voice calls to join a video conference.

Live Streaming

Expand your reach to millions of potential viewers by live streaming to any RTMP or CDN providers


Features That Drive Great Communications

Enriched features to help you build the exact voice app that you need and the experience your users will love.

Calling Features

Call Masking

Connect callers and recipients while safeguarding their privacy with our number anonymisation service.

Calling Line Identification

Display a number that your customers can identify with using EnableX Virtual numbers.


Convert text to voice on our platform and broadcast to your global audience.

DTMF support

EnableX supports Touch Tones Signalling for interaction with telephone systems or IVRs.


Record, store, retrieve and delete voice calls and protect recordings with encryption.

Interactive Voice Response

Collect feedback and respond to customer inquiries or route calls to the right person with multi-level IVR.

Inbound/Outbound Calling

Make and receive calls for a one-to-one or a multi-party call.

Automated Voice Message

Play pre-recorded audio messages at pre-set timings for announcements, alerts and notifications.

Voice Broadcast

Send bulk messages and alerts with outbound phone calls and optional IVR feedback.

Self Service Portal

Dashboards and Analytics

Get detailed insights on call performance, usage, devices and more, to enhance troubleshooting and provide data-driven decisions.

Virtual Numbers

Choose and purchase from a massive inventory of shared or dedicated phone numbers.

Secure Webhooks

Securely receive call events, call status and data on your server.

Message Broadcast

Broadcast pre-recorded voice messages to designated phone numbers.

Service Integration

PSTN Video Integration

Allows inbound and outbound PSTN voice calls to join into a video conference.

Voice Bridge

Interconnect an incoming or outgoing PSTN call to another PSTN number.

Conference Bridge

Create global audio conferences by bridging any combination of client, SIP and PSTN calls

SIP Interconnect

Inter-operate between VOIP and telephony systems for SIP-based audio calls.


Features That Enhance the Performance of Your Communications

Out-of-the-box features to get you up and running fast while ensuring unparalleled reliability.

Self Service Portal

Virtual Number

Send and receive SMS using a long code or short code to more than 100 countries.

Sender ID

Send personalised marketing SMSes using your brand or company name as the sender.

Delivery Reports

Receive delivery notifications of incoming and outgoing messages.

Analytics and Insights

Get detailed insights on your SMS performance, usage and cost data over time within our all-in-one portal.

Secure Webhooks

Securely receive SMS message, status, and delivery events on your server.

Service Features

Two-way SMS

Send outbound SMS or enjoy two-way SMS conversations for an interactive, chat-like experience.

Bulk Broadcasting

Reach all your customers worldwide and at scale.

Message Queueing

Queue and send each message automatically in accordance with each carrier’s regulations.

SMS Scheduling

Create a schedule to send messages at a certain time.

Intelligent Routing

Explore multiple route parameters intelligently for optimal deliverability.

Content Handling

Long Message Splitting

Split and reassemble long messages according to global carrier network requirements.

Unicode Support

Send and receive SMS messages using characters not supported in GSM-7-character set.

Data Merging

Personalise your text messages by data-merging contact information into the SMS Body.