Video Chats – Driving Better Customer Experience

Use Cases

Changing Customer Centre Landscape

Gone are the days when customers had the inclination of picking up the phone to get in touch with the contact centre in order to call or email. Today, they need easy and quick access to the agents from any channel and preferably from within the apps/website they are using at that moment. Consumers today are looking for seamless customer service and resolution to their issues no matter where they are or what device they are using. And this trend is defining a very distinctive shift in the way organisations are looking at their customer communication strategies. A Walker study found that by the year 2020, customer experience (CX) will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.


How can the Video Chats enhance CX?

Because of this shift in the customer expectation paradigm, organisations are leaning towards technologies like AI/ML/NLP. Although applications such as AI-enabled Chatbots have helped them increase productivity and cost-effectiveness, technology-driven customer help certainly cannot replace the human touch that an agent can provide to a curious/irritable customer. At the same time, humans cannot be present everywhere and that has given rise to interactive video chats. Video interactions enable the agents to sense the issue in a better manner and at the same time, create a personalised experience for the customer. Hence, an ideal solution would be a decent mix of both technology and a human touch.

No wonder video chats consistently ensure 90%+ NPS and CSAT ratings. A lot of contact centres are now undergoing a shift to include video chat as one of their offerings.


WebRTC – The Video Chat Enabler

WebRTC is a technology that enables businesses to embed Real-Time Communication (RTC) capabilities like video or voice calls, in their websites and mobile applications. This enables customers to connect with contact centre agents anytime, anywhere and from any device without having to download extra plug-ins/software.

The embedded video chat feature provides for an enhanced in-app experience for the customer. The agent on the video call can better assess the customer’s requirement and address it in a smoother manner. With deep integration in the CRM or Call centre software, the agent also has access to customer history and preferences which ensures information need not be repeated


EnableX – Taking Customer Communication to the Next Level

EnableX is a cloud communication platform for embedding live video, voice and messaging into websites and mobile applications. Built on WebRTC technologies, it offers a carrier-grade platform and the necessary toolkits for developers to easily add any communication experience from one-to-one chats to the large-scale broadcasting/webinar.

EnableX can empower contact centres by helping them embed various collaborative features within their apps and thus ensuring an enhanced user experience. With end-to-end media encryption, together with DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security) and SRTP (Secure Real-Time Protocol), all conversations between the contact centre agents and the customers are secure. The platform also offers SIP interconnection to allow for integration with existing telephony systems and contact centre topology. When it comes to video calling, EnableX deploys dynamic network adoption, audio fallback and geo-proximity routing to ensure that every video conversation is optimised. EnableX enables the contact centre agents to leverage features like screen-sharing, annotation, live streaming etc. to make customer engagement more collaborative in nature.


Here are some use cases to elaborate on the above said:

Contact Centre Enquiries

With co-browsing and annotation features, an agent can engage with a customer on a video chat, see his browser and solve queries in real-time. This feature can be very useful when the customer is enquiring about a new product as well as for troubleshooting. This feature can even be used for live-product demos in the case of lead generation.

Video-enabled Chatbots

Imagine a scenario where a customer is engaging with the chatbot for troubleshooting and is not able to get the solution he desires. Now rather than switching apps to place a call to the agent and explaining the whole situation again, how about having an option of connecting on a video call within the chatbot? EnableX can make this possible.

Technical Help Desk

A lot of times, your product issues require you to visit a technical centre which is not a welcome activity with many customers. With the embedded video call feature, the agents can identify the problems while on a video call and try to resolve them. In case they are not able to, a subject matter expert can be called to handle the same. The customer will surely appreciate a saved visit to the repair centre.

EnableX helps you in transforming your business that is focused on customer experience. To build the future of customer service today, contact us now!

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