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Build Video Solutions That Engage

Develop HD video-enabled applications with feature-rich APIs and SDKs.

Live Video Call That Scales

Built for developers, the EnableX Video Chat API gives you everything you need to successfully build video experience into your applications and software. We give you the building blocks, platform and flexibility to build highly scalable and unsurpassed video experiences that excite.

Live Video Call

Embed High Definition real-time communication functions into your apps or sites for one-to-one video chats or group video calls.

Interactive Broadcast

Engage your audience by broadcasting live directly from your app or sites.You can also stream directly on YouTube or Facebook for an unlimited reach.


The Experience Customers Love with The Capabilities Developers Need

Create an engaging and contextual in-app video calling experience with programmable communication building blocks.


Feature-rich Video Calling

Robust platform with all the features you needed to build an engaging live video experience.

  • Recording
  • Active Talker
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Dashboard and Insights
  • Enhanced Security
  • Global Media Zones
  • Individual Stream Pinning
  • Live Streaming
  • Moderated Entry
  • Screenshare and Annotation
  • SIP Interconnection
  • Smart Network Optimisation
  • Waiting Lobby

Record, store, retrieve and share video calls &/or audio calls. Stay compliant and protect those recordings with encryption.

Provide prominence to the last 12 active speakers in a large-scale video call.

Create and manage Breakout Room for one-to-one or smaller group conversations.

Get detailed insights on call performance, usage, devices and more, to enhance troubleshooting and provide data-driven decisions.

Encrypts all conversations. Client-server is routed through a DTLS connection for an extra layer of security.

Host media traffic in preferred regions to comply with local regulations.

Pin one or more co-host or participants to be on the screen even if they aren’t actively talking.

Expand your reach to millions of potential viewers by live streaming to any RTMP, CDN providers.

Get full control of when a participant will join the meeting.

Share your entire screen or single application and annotate the shared content in real-time.

Allow a participant to join the video session as a voice caller with a SIP endpoint or PSTN/Mobile number.

Adjust video streams automatically, offering the best video quality possible for each endpoint.

Add waiting room features for added security. Make your participants wait in the lobby till you join the meeting.

use cases

Countless Use Cases Limited Only By Your Imagination

Video Call API for Customer Enagagement
video-enabled kiosks

Video-enabled Kiosk

Transform in-branch experience, reduce wait time, and offer quick access to experts, all through video-enabled kiosks. While navigating the self-service kiosk, your customer can choose to video chat with an agent/expert, at a click of the button, for an in-depth discussion.

Video KYC

Video-enabled KYC

Eliminate fraud, maintain compliance and speed up customer onboarding with live video call embedded within your KYC workflow. With video verification, customer can be guided through a few questions in the video call where the responses are recorded for due diligence. Seamlessly integrate with credit rating bodies and money laundry bodies to complete the verification process.

Live Video Streaming API
Group Video Call API
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