Transforming the Contact Centre Experience with Video Call API and SDK

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Transforming the Contact Centre Experience with Video Call API and SDK
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Let’s face the truth: despite all boastful claims made by enterprises about customer-centricity and excellent customer support, most contact centre customer experiences suck! More often, it’s a torturous experience that creates frustration for customers instead of resolving their problems. The reason is simple: customers grapple with poorly designed IVRs and when they finally reach a human agent, the agents frequently fail to understand the context. They also lack the necessary collaborative tools required to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently, leading to a loss of business. The breadth of impact of these poor interactions has recently been laid bare by a PwC study. It revealed that 32% of consumers will leave a brand after a single bad experience, offering little room for error to companies in designing their customer support processes.

Now let us imagine a scenario: a customer is trying to fill out an online form in a banking portal. S/he immediately sends messages through the live chat window, and the conversation might go like this: 


Example of Transforming the Contact Centre Experience with Video Call API and SDK

As soon as the customer gives his consent for the call, the agent instantly shares a live video meeting link on the chat window itself, and they get connected to a video meeting. The customer shares his screen with the agent, and the problem is resolved quickly because there is no guesswork involved and the agent can see the problem first-hand. This sounds simple but can actually add a lot of value to a customer’s experience.

Companies that provide a great customer experience will find their customers more loyal and willing to promote the company to others. Unfortunately, most companies fail to invest in this meaningful aspect of customer experience, resulting in ‘experience-disconnect’.

Customer Experience Matters More in the ‘Digital-First’ Era

The PwC survey confirms that 42% of all consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. And, among US customers, 65% consider better customer experience more influential than advertising. When customers think about their interactions, positive experiences influence purchasing decisions in almost every industry. The survey reinforces the above notion.

Therefore, offer your customers Speed, Convenience, and the ‘In-person’ touch whenever they reach out to you for help or information via any channel.

Creating A Seamless Omnichannel Contact Centre Experience

Many organisations, even global enterprises, suffer from this incorrect notion that as customers become more tech-savvy, they will prefer digital modes of self-help, reducing the need for live agents. This is flawed thinking as it considers every channel in isolation and lacks a unified cohesive approach. Great companies don’t think that way.

For example, Amazon has designed an omnichannel customer-care strategy that provides customers multiple avenues for getting in touch with their contact centre. They can send an email, chat online, or talk to a live agent via phone—or, if their issue is simple enough; there is also an option for live digital interaction.

Despite being a global leader in e-commerce, Amazon never takes their customers for granted. They have developed a well-oiled omnichannel customer care strategy where live ‘in-person’ interactions feature prominently to handle complex customer requests and resolve issues quickly. Enterprises can take a leaf from Amazon’s customer care playbook. Their solution rests on a unified approach based on deep integration with the customer support systems and communication capabilities.

So, does this mean a complete redo of customer care operations? The answer is –No.

Enterprises can enhance their existing contact centre operations by embedding video call APIs into their CRMs or apps without investing in expensive hardware and software. This has two distinct advantages:

  • Switch seamlessly from text chat to video: A customer care agent can send a video meeting link to a customer in a chat window itself and the customer can join a live video call using any web or mobile browser.
  • Improve collaboration experience: Both agents and customers can interact using screen sharing, annotations & co-browsing.

Offering a Communication Experience That Goes Beyond the Phone Call & Chat

Here’s how you can transform the Contact Centre experience with Video Call API and SDK:

  • Insurance: Adding a video chat can be an excellent way to differentiate your claims process and overall customer service offerings. Incorporate video calling into your claims process and customer service, allowing your customers to file claims faster by screen sharing the damage inflicted on their assets in real-time.
  • Retail: Make it easy for customers to learn about your product and use it. Let your service or sales agents provide them detailed instructions on how to use a product or give them a personal experience that goes beyond YouTube videos, chat, or phone calls.
  • Financial Services: Give personal attention to your high net-worth clients when working face-to-face for transactions or brokerage services. Your advisor can review clients’ investment portfolios, resolve any ledger or technical issue or give a product demo irrespective of the client’s location or even time zone.
  • Healthcare: Allow your patients to connect with doctors in real-time from any device by powering your teleconsultation apps with video call APIs and SDKs.

To Conclude

Most enterprises incorrectly believe they know how customer care works but settle on an ineffective approach for resolving customers’ issues. They fail to realise the gap created by the lost ‘in-person’ touch. A contact centre with native omnichannel and powerful video call capability can help bridge this gap and retain the personal touch of live interaction.

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