Transforming Quantitative Finance Communication: Simply Algo’s Partnership with EnableX

Case Studies Transforming Quantitative Finance Communication: Simply Algo's Partnership with EnableX
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About Quantman:

Quantman, an online Options strategy testing and trading platform for the Indian stock markets, is a venture of Simply Algo Fintech Private Limited. It allows users to back test any Options strategy over past years, generating swift results.


As Simply Algo grew its operations, the existing communication system started to show signs of strain. The company had to manage the increasing volume of daily automated calls to hundreds of customers, and the system was plagued with issues such as dropped calls, creating productivity bottlenecks. Moreover, they needed to ensure seamless communication, especially during critical market hours, and maintain the scalability of their platform to match the company’s expansion.


As Simply Algo Fintech Private Limited embarked on their mission to revolutionize the quant finance industry with their innovative product, QuantMan, they encountered the challenge of finding a communication solution that catered to a large mass. They sought a voice API that seamlessly integrated into their existing platform, effortlessly handled a high volume of voice calls, and facilitated robust interaction among their users. It was crucial to ensure crystal-clear voice quality, robust call handling capabilities, and uninterrupted connectivity to foster seamless communication and enhance the efficiency of their quant finance operations.


Recognizing the importance of addressing these challenges, Simply Algo partnered with EnableX, a leading provider of communication solutions. Collaborating with EnableX, Simply Algo enabled a comprehensive suite of voice communication tools that seamlessly integrated into their platform. EnableX’s robust infrastructure empowered Simply Algo with crystal-clear voice quality, real-time connectivity, and advanced call handling features. QuantMan clients can now easily receive both trade recommendations and other updates via automated voice calls.


The implementation of EnableX’s Voice API yielded the following results for QuantMan:

  • Enhanced Productivity: With EnableX’s Voice API, QuantMan anticipates a significant boost in productivity during app development and post-launch. The API’s advanced features, such as call recording, voice transcription, and interactive voice response (IVR) systems, streamline communication workflows, improve documentation processes, and expedite decision-making, leading to increased efficiency.
  • Superior User Experience: By integrating EnableX’s Voice API, QuantMan aims to provide app users with a seamless and immersive voice communication experience for their clients in the stock market and finance. The API ensures crystal-clear voice quality, reliable connectivity, and intuitive user interfaces, contributing to a satisfying and engaging user experience that enhances user retention.
  • Scalability and Reliability: EnableX’s robust infrastructure and scalable Voice API are designed to accommodate QuantMan’s growing user base. As the app gains popularity and user demand increases, EnableX’s solution ensures seamless handling of the rising volume of voice interactions without compromising performance or reliability, guaranteeing a scalable and reliable communication infrastructure.
  • Developer-Friendly Integration: EnableX’s Voice API offers comprehensive documentation, intuitive software development kits (SDKs), and developer-friendly tools. This simplifies the integration process for QuantMan’s development team, reducing development time and effort while ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation of voice communication capabilities within the app.
  • Actionable Analytics: By leveraging EnableX’s advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, Simply Algo gains valuable insights into their voice interactions. The platform provides detailed metrics, call logs, and performance data, enabling them to track key performance indicators, identify trends, and make informed decisions for optimization and success.

The EnableX Experience:

When asked about their experience with EnableX’s Voice API, Manoj Kumar R, Founder, Simply Algo Fintech Private Limited expressed his satisfaction, saying, “EnableX’s Voice API has significantly enhanced our communication infrastructure. The voice quality is exceptional, and the integration process was smooth and hassle-free. We appreciate EnableX’s commitment to delivering reliable and advanced communication solutions.”

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