How Live Video Calling Can Transform Customer Onboarding

Use Cases Digital Customer Onboarding using EnableX
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For companies around the world, customers onboarding digitally is a make-or-break affair. It often happens that users sign up, find the process of onboarding tedious and bounce off. This lack of conversion is a result of a poorly designed & inefficient customer onboarding process. This process becomes even more complex with Telecom Service Providers due to the compliance & privacy requirements imposed by the local telecom regulator.

To overcome this challenge, Telecom Services Providers (TSP) are incorporating live video calling in their customer onboarding workflows.

Why Digital Customer Onboarding For Telecom Service Providers?

With business nowadays turning fiercely competitive, secure and reliable digital onboarding is vital for TSPs. A robust digital customer onboarding solution makes it easy for telecom service providers to attract and retain customers.  

When the customer onboarding process is smooth, they feel confident about the provider’s services. It makes the consumer experience engaging and spices up the brand image.  

To drive home this point, this post cites a real use case of a Telecom Services Providers (TSP).

Business Challenges

Customer onboarding is the first step in starting a customer relationship. To stay ahead in the market, TSPs are seeking to onboard customers without any delay after completing the eKYC process, trying to wrap up the process in a few minutes. 

In this case, the client was looking for a completely frictionless solution for onboarding new subscribers.   

Here are some typical business challenges that TSPs face:

  • Efficient data extraction & analysis from the valid ID documents 
  • Catering to an array of eKYC regulatory requirements to onboard different types of customer segments.
  • Completing the process through live video calling with the customer service agent via their app or website.   
  • Completing the entire process quickly 

Digital Customer Onboarding Workflow For TSPs

Instead of visiting a physical store, a Telecom Services Provider can onboard its new customers through a combination of live video calling & eKYC service.   

EnableX designed & helped implement the below onboarding workflow:

  • Instead of visiting a physical store, the customer goes online & initiates digital onboarding & eKYC process 
  • A live chat is initiated on the website or mobile application between the customer & back office agent.  
  • As soon the agent confirms the purpose of the call, he initiates a video call with the customer  
  • After verifying the basic information, the agent does the liveliness test by requesting the customer to move their head in different directions.
  • Next, the sales advisor asks the customer to upload an approved ID online. The customer uploads the valid ID onto the app.
  • The sales advisor then matches the face on the screen with the image on the ID uploaded.
  • Once the image matches the customer’s face, the sales advisor extracts data using OCR & verifies it against relevant databases.
  • As soon as the verification is complete, the customer is informed of the result & if it is successful the eKYC is done & services for the customers are activated!

Key Benefits of Customer Onboarding using EnableX

The EnableX video & digital customer onboarding solution for TSPs provides a host of benefits that includes:  

  • Decreased onboarding cost
  • Reduction in identity fraud
  • Time-saving
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Increased compliance with eKYC norms and other security & privacy regulations


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To Conclude

As our experience in the last couple of years tells us, simplifying the customer onboarding journey and video eKYC has become essential for any digital & identity verification process. Using video calling for customer onboarding of first-time users is not an experiment anymore for TSPs; its efficacy has been well accepted now.     

The EnableX Video Call APIs & SDKs provide a quick and effective way to implement end-to-end digital customer onboarding in the existing workflow.  

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The EnableX Video Platform is built using the best-in-class technologies and infrastructure to deliver best possible customer experience. With the use of WebRTC as the underlying real-time communication framework, we ensure seamless communication across end points and mobile devices. We offer native APIs and SDK’s along with hybrid frameworks – both for web and mobile applications including ReactNative, Flutter and Cordova to enable quick integration by developers.

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