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Astrology is a fascinating field that has been around for centuries. It is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in astrology, especially among millennials and Gen Z. This has led to an increase in the demand for astrology-related apps and services. Create video application for astrology services using a low-code platform and EnableX REST APIs is a streamlined and efficient way to offer personalized astrological consultations online.

Hence, this guide outlines the process from start to finish, ensuring even those with limited coding experience can build a functional and engaging astrology app. 

If you want to create an app like AstroYogi or any such popular platform, this blog gives you the complete outline for what’s required. While you can think about building your own app for other functions, integrating one to one or one to many video call can be a time consuming task. With EnableX, you can complete and launch your astrology app’s video calling service in as little as 30 minutes!

What’s more, you can customise the video conferencing window, brand it in your own colours, and manage what controls should be available!

Introduction to Low-Code Development with EnableX 

The rise of low-code development platforms has revolutionized the way applications are built, making it easier and quicker to develop video applications. Therefore, in the context of astrology services, a video application needs to be intuitive, interactive, and secure. EnableX provides a robust low-code platform with Video Embed, a powerful tool for creating video call applications with various conferencing and collaborative features. 

Get Start with EnableX Low Code Platform 

To begin, choose EnableX Video Embed as your low-code platform. This platform stands out for its ease of use, comprehensive features, and flexibility. You don’t need client-side SDKs to develop an engaging UI layout for a video meeting application. Instead, you can select a pre-defined template that suits your astrology business, edit features, and UI scheme through Visual Builder, and go live within minutes with a fully functional video meeting application. 

Creating a Video Call Application for Astrology Services 

Creating your video call astrology application is straightforward with the EnableX Portal. So, here’s how you can proceed: 

  • Login to EnableX Portal
  • Create a video project. 
  • Now, select Low Code as your preference. 
Video App for Astrology Services
  • Select a ready-made template for a video call app for astrology services or customize your template. 
How to build Astrology video calling app
  • Enter the sub-domain name you want to use for the hosting basis your video call astrology application needs. 
  • You can go further and edit the appearance and other configuration settings to make it more customised before deploying.  
  • Also, if you choose any ready-made template, it provides a banquet of features that are essential for the service you have chosen. 

Embedding Video into Your Astrology Service 

Once your application is built, you will receive Video Embed codes for different user roles, such as moderator (astrologers) and participants (clients). You can export these embed code snippets from the low-code platform and insert them into your website. Hence, this integration allows users to access video meetings directly from your service’s webpage, enhancing convenience and user experience. 

Customizing User Interface and Settings for Video Call Astrology App 

For video applications for Astrology Services specifically, customizing the user interface (UI) and settings is critical to ensure that the application meets the unique needs of astrological consultations. Therefore, the EnableX visual builder allows you to tailor various aspects of the video application to enhance the user experience and align with the thematic elements often associated with astrology.  

Here’s how you might approach each component: 

Screen view:  

  • For one-on-one consultations, select a layout that allows a larger display for the astrologer, giving a more personal experience. 
  • Adjust the maximum number of concurrent participants for private readings or group sessions. 

Information Display:  

  • Configure the information display settings according to your preferences.  
  • Ensure visibility of bandwidth status for uninterrupted sessions. 


  • Enable features like private and group chat for communication, file sharing for distributing astrological materials, and screen sharing for showcasing astrological charts or diagrams. 
  • Incorporate tools like screen annotation or whiteboarding for interactive sessions, allowing astrologers to draw on charts or highlight aspects of a reading. 


 Personalize the branding elements of your video application, such as logos and colours. 

  • Create a starry or cosmic backdrop with celestial colours to match the astrology theme. 
  • Moreover, implement optional ambient sounds for mystical experience of an astrological session. 

Additional Customizations for Video Call App for Astrology 

Here you can also adjust these settings: 

  • Comprehensive controls for astrologers and focused interface for participants. 
  • Include telephony if needed for accessibility. 
  • Also, Lock rooms for private readings. 

Managing Configuration and Rooms for Video Call Astrology App 

An important aspect of using a low-code platform is managing configurations and room settings. EnableX allows for the creation of up to 10 permanent rooms without coding. However, for more specialized needs, such as creating different types of rooms (permanent, scheduled, ad-hoc), you’ll need to use the EnableX Rest API. 

Room Types for Video Astrology Services 

  • Permanent Rooms 

Permanent rooms serve as dedicated virtual spaces for consistent astrological consultations. Furthermore, they are equivalent of an astrologer’s personal office where clients know they can always find them.  

  • Scheduled Rooms 

Scheduled rooms are reserved for specific dates and times, mirroring the traditional appointment setting. 

  • Ad-hoc Rooms 

Ad-hoc rooms are perfect for spontaneous sessions. Moreover, they enable immediate consultations for clients with pressing questions, support casual chats for daily horoscopes or quick discussions. 

Utilizing REST APIs for Advanced Features in Video Call Astrology App 

To create these rooms, use the App credentials to authenticate API requests and send a POST request to the EnableX server API with the necessary parameters. However, the API will respond with a JSON payload containing the unique room-id for the created room. 

For Example, An API Request to Create a Scheduled Room 


Content-Type: application/json 

Authorization: Basic XXXXXXXX 


  "name": "Astrology Session", 

  "owner_ref": "AstroConsult", 

  "settings": { 

    "description": "In-depth astrology session", 

    "mode": "group", 

    "scheduled": true, 

    "adhoc": false, 

    "scheduled_time": "2023-11-15T18:00:00", 

    "duration": 60, 

    "moderators": "1", 

    "participants": "10", 

    "quality": "HD", 

    "abwd": true 



EnableX server responds with JSON containing a unique Room-Id


  "result": 0,  

  "room": {  

    "name": "Astrology Session",  

    "owner_ref": "AstroConsult",  

    "settings": {  

      "scheduled": true,  

      "scheduled_time": "2023-11-15T18:00:00",  

      "duration": 60,  

      "adhoc": false  


    "created": "2023-11-15T18:00:00.851Z",  

    "room_id": "xxxxx12346"  


  • Use the room-id to create a Meeting Room URL 
Generating and Customizing Meeting Room URLs for Video Call Astrology App 

Once you have created a meeting room, you can access it using its Meeting URL, which contains two key components: the Room ID and the Domain. Use the Meeting URL as the source URL in the IFRAME Embed Code to access the video meeting taking place in the meeting room. 

Example Meeting room URLs 

Meeting URL-  

Moderator Meeting URL- https//*#  

Participant Meeting URL- https//

Note: The #HASH*# is a base64 encoded string that includes the Room ID and App ID separated by a dash (-). 

Modify Meeting room URLs 

By passing Query String Parameters, the Meeting URL used in WebView or IFRAME Source can be customized to update UI elements and User Experience. Hence, making it easy to alter the Low Code Embed settings.  

  • Qualified Meeting URLs can be used directly from the browser’s address bar or as an IFRAME Embed.  
  • Different parameters can be passed for different participants or a moderator in the same meeting.  
  • Using the associated parameters overwrites the feature list through the portal as described in the Select Preferred Features. However, if associated parameters are not used, pre-set feature setting remains the same. 
Single Query String Parameters: https://MEETING-URL?var=value  

Multiple Query String Parameters: https://MEETING-URL?var1=value&var2=value
Setting Up Webhooks for Extended Functionality 

EnableX’s low-code platform supports webhooks, extending the functionality of your video embedding. You can create a Webhook URL in the EnableX Portal to receive notifications. When a webhook event is triggered, EnableX sends an HTTP POST request to your configured endpoint, containing information about the event. 

Embed this Meeting URL in Your Video Call Astrology App  

Once you obtain the video meeting URL you want to embed. Now, follow these steps to embed your URL to a web application: 

Create an HTML File: Start by creating an HTML file that will house the IFRAME for embedding the video meeting URL. 

Setup the IFRAME: Now, insert an IFRAME tag into the HTML file and set the src attribute to your video meeting URL. Add the necessary permissions within the allow attribute to ensure full functionality. 


  allow="camera; microphone; fullscreen; speaker; display-capture"  



Note: Replace YOUR-MEETING-URL with the actual video meeting URL. 

Add Query Parameters (Optional): Customize the meeting experience by appending query string parameters to the URL, such as ?video=false for muting participants.  

Make The Page Responsive: To ensure that the embedded video meeting is responsive and fits well on different screen sizes, you can use the meta viewport tag and CSS styles.  

Embed The Meeting URL: Finally, you can embed the meeting URL in your application by referencing the HTML file with the IFRAME code. For example, in a web application, you can include the HTML file in an HTML page using an iframe tag: 

<iframe src=""></iframe>

By following these steps, you have successfully added embed a video meeting URL in your web using an IFRAME. 

Once your astrology consultation room is ready and you have configured the necessary webhooks for event notifications, share the unique meeting room URL with your client. Now, they can access the room through the Participant Meeting URL, while astrologers or administrators may use the Moderator Meeting URL. 

Building a bespoke astrology video application with low-code options and EnableX REST APIs is a user-friendly process that can be done swiftly. Therefore, by adhering to these guidelines, you can develop a customized video app designed to offer a smooth and interactive astrology session experience. 

In case you have any questions, our extensive developer document for video API is available here

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