The Server API is a REST API Service used for provisioning and reporting requirements of your Application. The API Service is also required for managing Rooms, requesting token and to obtain usage reports post RTC session.

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API Collections


Rooms are virtual meeting space within the EnableX platform to host RTC sessions. Rooms can behave as video-conferencing chats spaces, instant messaging rooms or video streaming sessions for real-time collaboration. Rooms can be Created, Removed, Updated or Deleted (CRUD) using the Room Route operation.

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Call Detail Report (CDR) which can be accessed via CDR Route contains individual usage information by each user during entire call session

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Archive Route is used post RTC session to gain access to files created during sessions. Individual Recording Files, Transcoded Playable Video File, Chat Script File, Session Meta File. The API Call will return a JSON containing direct URL to download these files.

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Server API v1.3+ are available on the following URL, all the collection routes are mapped this this base path: