Audio-Video Recording At EnableX: How It Works And Why It’s A Class Apart

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Nowadays, audio-video recording isn’t just another feature; it’s a powerful way to ensure you get more value from your meetings. It can unlock many use cases like training & coaching, recruitment, contact centre operations and many more.

In this post, you’ll get a detailed insight into WebRTC recording and why EnableX recording feature is a class apart.

How Audio-Video Recording Feature Works

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In most cases, video/audio streams are sent to the server where they are processed, and then these streams are further sent to users for subsequent consumption via FFmpeg, a processing pipeline layer. This processing engine manages raw streams, stitches different streams together, and saves & stores them securely.

Types of Recording Files

In the recording process, you’ll get the following types of files:

  • Individual Participants Stream Recordings: Each user’s stream gets recorded individually, and it’s made available for download in the .MKV format.
  • Transcoded Re-playable Session: It’s a form of composite video file in the .MP4 format. Transcoding is a subscription-based service. If a moderator has recorded multiple video sessions, you can access multiple .MP4 files for every recorded segment.
  • Audio-only Recording: Users can record, store, retrieve and delete voice calls and protect recordings with encryption.

Server-side or Client-side Recording: What You Should Choose?

While selecting the suitable recording feature, you’ll need to choose between the server-side and Client-side recording:

  • Client-side Recording: In this type of recording, videos are recorded locally and then processed before uploading to the servers.
  • Server-side Recording:  In this case, a WebRTC session gets terminated over the severs at both ends. Media streams are routed to the receiving end. At the same time, decoded media streams are sent for post-processing and recording.

To know more about the server-side and client-side recording, readout our blog.

Why EnableX Audio-Video Recording Feature is A Class Apart

Some of the reasons EnableX’s recording features are  superior to other CPaaS solutions:

  • Bandwidth Optimisation

EnableX’s intelligent orchestration layer not only takes care of the provisioning problem but also optimises it based on past usage and current request patterns. It then predicts the optimal resource requirement based on the data analysis.

  • Security

A CPaaS platform brings economy of scale by providing off-the-shelf API for developers using a common shared infrastructure. But this also poses an additional challenge for security and compliance. EnableX has built-in security features to ensure safe access to your recorded files.  Also, all recorded files are end-to-end encrypted with a customer secret key.

  • Video Watermarking

EnableX allows you to record video sessions and add a watermark to your recorded video files by uploading an image file on the platform. Thus, it helps in branding and prevents unauthorised use of your recorded videos.

  • Auto-recording And Storage

With its auto-start feature, EnableX allows your video meetings to be automatically recorded once the session starts. Also, the recorded files are stored at your preferred location, such as SCP, AWS S3 bucket, Google Drive, Azure Blob Storage or FTP/SFTP, which is critical for privacy and regulatory compliances.


EnableX offers a host of features that make it an excellent choice for recording purposes:

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To know more about how to enable video watermarking on recorded files, click here.

Final Words

Video meetings have changed the way we work and conduct business. Recording audio-video calls enables your team to work more efficiently and focus entirely on the calls.

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