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Your comprehensive Customer Engagement Platform for Sales & Marketing, Customer Service and Engagements

Customer Acquisition
Customer Acquisition

Enhance engagement, optimize conversions, and gather essential customer insights.

Engagement & Growth
Engagement & Growth

Leverage personalized messaging to upsell your products and services and foster expansion.

Customer Service
Customer Service

Sustain customer engagement and foster repeat business to ensure long-term loyalty and satisfaction.

Customer Acquisition

  • Generate leads
    • Convert visitors to leads and get first level of information to them about your products helping you to close the order by 40%
    • Leads seamlessly captured in your CRM with ready integrations available, reducing hassle of Account creation by Sales.
  • Appointment Scheduling
    • Automate Schedule appointments, Appointment reminders and change of appointment notifications.
    • Pre booking of follow up appointments and offering video consulting made easy
  • Event invitations
    • Organize events more efficiently by automating invitations and managing RSVPs, sharing Venue pin location to automating notification of customer arrival to event.
    • Quick registration at event by simple scanning of a QR code
Customer Acquisition
Engagement & Growth

Engagement & Growth

  • Personalized offers
    • Automate personalized promotional offers to your customer on their anniversary to encourage repeat orders.
    • Dynamically select target customers based on age, gender, past purchases, anniversary dates and much more.
  • New Product Launch
    • Showcase new products launched to customers and cross sell products to existing customers based on past product purchases and interests.
    • Online Product warranty registration and quick first time installation video support
  • Automate Sales support
    • Never miss sales opportunity and let BOT drive your front-line Sales support
    • Pitch videos and content shared using the AI capabilities by linking the right knowledge bank to train the BOT.

Supercharge Operations

  • Solve customer queries at scale
    • Offer 24x7 support and your capability to scale customer queries with BOT even during peak hours.
    • With seamless integration to your ticketing system, share the ticket numbers and resolution time instantaneously.
  • Satisfaction Surveys
    • Know your CSAT score by capturing satisfaction surveys and take customer feedback to enhance your offering
    • Loopback with the actions taken on the feedback provided.
  • Engage customers on their preferred channel
    • Transfer to live agents over customers preferred choice of channel (Video, Voice or Text)
    • With mix of BOT and Video Agent capability, you can offer technical support from the back office and resolve the customer complaints online.
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