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True Omni-Channel Engagements

Build once and engage across platforms & channels

Seamlessly engage with customers across multiple platforms and channels, including video, voice, and chat

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One Chatbot Multiple Platforms

Build and manage your chatbot once, effortlessly deploy it across web, WhatsApp, and mobile apps

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Dialog Multiple Chat

Switch with Live Agents seamlessly

Build lasting customer relationships through live agent conversations with Dialogs

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Deliver omni-channel customer engagements with Live Agents handover!

Efficiently handle customer inquiries across multiple channels and expand real-time support capabilities. Deliver personalized responses promptly and accurately to enhance conversational experiences.

Seamless Live Agent Handovers

Automatically direct inquiries and chats to the most suitable individual or team for efficient customer assistance. Whether it's a first-time visitor needing sales guidance or a user seeking support, our system ensures they're directed to the appropriate resource.

Seamless Live Agent

Skill based conversation

Skill based conversation tagging and routing

Tags categorize conversations based on user intent or topic, enabling chatbots to route inquiries to the most appropriate agent or skill for efficient resolution.

Visual Flow Builder

Build chatbots within minutes with our Visual Flow Builder

Build chatbots

Create advanced rule-based chatbots and agent flows effortlessly and quickly, with EnableX Dialogs' Visual Builder and pre-built templates.

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Skill based conversation tagging and routing

Tags categorize conversations based on user intent or topic, enabling chatbots to route inquiries to the most appropriate agent or skill for efficient resolution.

Choices Choices
  • Offer personalized recommendations: Present your customers with curated options for movies, products, or services based on their preferences and past interactions.

  • Simplify complex decisions: Guide users through multi-step selections effortlessly, reducing confusion and increasing satisfaction.

Call API Call API
  • Connect to external data sources: Access real-time information like weather updates, flight schedules, or inventory levels, providing up-to-date answers to customer inquiries.

  • Extend chatbot capabilities: Integrate with payment gateways, booking systems, or other essential tools for seamless transactions and enhanced functionality.

Slots Slots
  • Gather information efficiently: Collect multiple details like name, address, or preferences in a single, conversational flow, streamlining the data collection process.

  • Reduce back-and-forth interactions:Get all the information you need upfront, minimizing confusion and improving customer experience.

Send Email Send Email
  • Automate follow-up communication: Send personalized emails with order confirmations, appointment reminders, or marketing offers based on user interactions.

  • Nurture customer relationships:Stay connected with your customers beyond the chatbot interaction, fostering loyalty and engagement.

Collect Data Collect Data
  • Gain valuable insights: Gather essential customer information like feedback, preferences, or contact details, helping you understand your audience and improve your offerings.

  • Personalize future interactions:Utilize collected data to deliver targeted recommendations, offers, and support, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Go-to Agent Go-to Agent
  • Offer seamless escalation: When complex issues arise, seamlessly connect users with live chat agents, ensuring they receive the support they need.

  • Optimize resource allocation: Free up your human agents for high-value interactions while the chatbot handles routine inquiries, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.


Construct bots independently with our No Code Visual Builder.

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