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Core Services

Video API

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Video Calling

Video calling comes with all features listed here except for recording, SIP interconnection, and advanced features which are charged separately.

Room size of up to 50 participants

X per participant per minute

Room size of more than 50 participants

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There are three ways with which you can record your meeting using EnableX.


Each individual participant stream is recorded and available individually.

X per participant per minute


This is the process of mixing one or more recorded streams into the required layout and making a single video file.

$0.01 per minute

Live Recording

This is a single recording of the entire session as displayed on the screen of each participant.

X  per minute

For composed streams in MP4 format, transcoding is required. Recorded media will be stored on our server for 72 hours at no charge. You’ll be charged on a chargeable basis beyond this defined time limit.


Storage of any media (including video recording files, sessions, transcriptions, chats, etc.) on EnableX beyond a period of 72 hours from creation will be charged on a chargeable basis.

Alternatively, you can also choose to shift the the recorded media on your own storage cloud like AWS S3 bucket etc.


X per GB per month

Encryption (of recorded video)

X per month

SIP Interconnect

SIP interconnection allows for Interoperability between WebRTC and SIP endpoints. Each time a call is made between WebRTC and a SIP/PSTN endpoint, a SIP Interconnection charge is applied.

SIP Interconnection

X per call

Audio-only Calling

You can choose to host a traditional, voice-only calls without compromising on audio quality.

VOIP Calls

X per participant per minute

Face AI

Based on Deep Neural Network and Human Perception AI, EnableX Face AI API intelligently analyses and measures facial expressions and emotions of one or multiple faces in real-time. Contact Us to get this service.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming allows broadcasting a video session over 3rd party networks for wider, one-way viewing.

RTMP streaming on popular platforms like Youtube, Facebook etc is charged on a per minute basis.

HLS Streaming is charged separately for the duration of the published stream as well as the duration of each audience member viewing the stream.

Streaming charges are in addition to applicable video calling charges*.

RTMP streaming on HD Content

X per minute

HLS streaming on HD Content

X per minute

X per minute

Advanced Features

Speech to Text

Convert an entire discussion in a video room into formatted text.

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IP Whitelisting

Whitelist a range of IP Addresses to restrict usage to authorised participants originating from that range only.

X per month

Regional Media Zone

Host your meetings from media zones in specific geographies for lower latencies and compliance requirements

Starting from

X per zone per month

Voice API


Send SMS to and/or receive SMS in

Get in touch with us to discuss SMS pricing for other countries

Send and receive SMS using the following number type :

Outbound (per message)

Inbound (per message)

Sender ID


Contact Sales

Phone Number



Short Code

Contact Sales

Contact Sales

* Please note that the pricing on this page is indicative. For the latest applicable pricing, please connect with our Sales Team.

To send SMS to different countries, different regulations may apply requiring registration of numbers or sender IDs. Please Contact Sales for more information.

Renting a Number

Based on the country you want to send/receive SMS in, and your specific use case, you may require a phone number or alpha-numeric sender ID to be registered.

Please Contact Sales with your requirements to allow us to provide you with information to help move your project forward.

WhatsApp for Business API Pricing

Send WhatsApp to and/or receive WhatsApp from

Get in touch with us to discuss WhatsApp pricing for other countries

* Please note that the pricing on this page is indicative. For the latest applicable pricing, please contact our Sales Team.




One Time setup and onboarding fee for WhatsApp Business Account (WABA)

One time


Monthly Maintenance (per display name/number)



Business-initiated Conversations

Business-initiated conversations may include notifications, alerts, and reminders related to post-purchase activities. These communications involve two-way conversations or can be outbound-only notifications sent to users.

Each conversation ends within 24 hours of the first message being sent. You will be charged for an additional conversation post 24 hours.


Per Conversation



Per Conversation



Per Conversation


User Initiated Conversations

User-initiated conversations are initiated by individuals or entities with a business. These conversations can include a range of topics such as seeking customer support or making inquiries about commerce-related matters.

Per instance within 24 hours


Per Message

All messages sent by the customer or the business to each other post the initial message


All charges above are exclusive of GST.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Free Video Minutes or SMS can I get every month?

EnableX gives you a free credit amount when you create an account. This amount can be used for all the EnableX services to test, integrate or use, basis the standard pricing for each service.

Do you have a pricing calculator?

We do not have a pricing calculator. All our prices are usage-based, without any caveats or complications.

Can I chargeback, if not happy?

Please see Terms of Use at legal

How do I calculate pricing for Global SMS?

Pricing for SMS varies by country. You can see the applicable pricing for your account for each country in the Billing > My Rates section from the left menu bar when you log into your account.

How do I calculate my portal usage?

You can see your consumption of each service through comprehensive reports in your login area.

What happens if I exceed my usage limit?

There is no Usage Limit. You can utilise any service as long as you have balance in your Wallet.

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