Migrate from Twilio Video to EnableX: The Best Video API Provider

EnableX Video API stands out as a comprehensive, AI-powered, and scalable solution that not only meets but exceeds the requirements for modern video communication and collaboration, making it a compelling choice for those considering a migration from Twilio video.

Twilio Video Migration
Ease of Migration
Ease of Migration

Fast, smooth, and effortless transition for your video operations

Feature Rich
Feature Rich

Don't just play video, own it. EnableX Video API is the ultimate video toolbox

Flexible Pricing Model
Flexible Pricing Model

Pay as you play, scale as you grow. EnableX Video API lets you focus on what matters

Pre-created video rooms for you to test in less than 5 minutes with EnableX Low Code Visual Builder

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Migration Guides

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Why Choose EnableX Video API Over Twilio Video?

WebRTC Video API Foundation with Intelligent Network Optimization
  • EnableX is built on WebRTC, ensuring a robust foundation for real-time communication.

  • Intelligent network optimization enhances the overall video call experience by minimizing latency and ensuring superior call quality.

AI Integration for Enhanced Video API Capabilities
  • The platform incorporates AI features such as EmotionAI, Speech to Text, OCR, and computer vision.

  • EmotionAI allows capturing participant emotions, providing valuable insights into user engagement.

  • Speech to Text enhances accessibility and can be used for transcribing live conversations.

  • OCR and computer vision enable seamless verification and object detection for instant alerts.

Versatile Video API Applications
  • Carrier-grade APIs support various applications, including personalized one-to-one video calls, high-quality video conferencing, collaboration tools like screenshare and whiteboards, and interactive live streaming on popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook Live, Vimeo, Twitch, etc.

Secure Video API Cloud Infrastructure
  • EnableX leverages a highly secure cloud infrastructure, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your video communication.

Robust Video API Solution Management
  • Scheduling and reporting APIs enable easy room configuration for one-to-one or multiparty calls.

  • Recording, encryption, and storage options for video calls provide flexibility in managing and securing your content.

  • Comprehensive Call Detail Records (CDRs) and usage reports can be accessed through the portal or webhooks and notifications.

All-in-One Video API Portal for Management
  • An intuitive portal allows the creation of multiple projects, simplifying management according to internal or client requirements.

  • The no-code visual builder enables the quick and easy customization of video calls, saving development time.

  • Powerful customization options for branding, layouts, workflows, and controls cater to both internal and external calls.

Powerful End-User Experience with EnableX Video API
  • Custom layouts, workflows, and controls enhance the end-user experience.

  • Integration of live transcription features adds an extra layer of accessibility and understanding during video calls.

EnableX Video API Collaboration Features
  • EnableX provides a rich set of collaboration tools such as co-browsing, screenshare, whiteboard, polling, Q&A, virtual backgrounds, and watermarking.

EnableX Video API Monetization and Broadcasting Capabilities
  • Broadcasting features with RTMP or HLS streams facilitate content broadcasting and VOD experiences.

  • Monetization options provide a revenue stream for your content.

EnableX Video API Scalability and Flexibility
  • The platform is designed to scale easily, making it suitable for various scenarios, including IoT-based video solutions.

Migration Ease from Twilio Video to EnableX Video API
  • The transition from Twilio video to EnableX is facilitated by a comprehensive set of APIs and features that cover a wide range of video communication needs.

Video API Feature Comparison – Twilio Video vs EnableX Video API

Feature Category Feature Twilio Video Api Enablex Video Api
SDK for Client App Development Web SDK Yes Yes
Android SDK Yes Yes
iOS SDK Yes Yes
React Native SDK No Yes
Cordova SDK No Yes
Flutter SDK No Yes
Quick Integration Low-Code Embed (Web) No Yes
UI Kit (Mobile) No Yes
Utilities Live Transcription No Yes
Face AI No Yes
Encryption Yes Yes
Watermarking No Yes
Playable Session No Yes (Transcoded MP4)
Optimized Communication HD, SD, LD Video Stream Yes Yes
Receive Desired Video Quality Yes Yes
Automatic Bandwidth Detection Yes Yes
Auto-Reconnection Yes Yes
Collaboration Moderated Screen Share No Yes
Messaging (Private, Public, Group) Yes Yes
Canvas Streaming Yes Yes
Annotation Yes Yes
Custom Signalling No Yes
Break-Out Rooms Yes Yes
File Sharing Yes Yes
Speech to Text No Yes
Session Management Recording Yes Yes
Live Recording (In-Session) No Yes
Group & Lecture Mode Switching No Yes
Floor Access Control (Webinar Mode) Yes Yes
Live Data & Statistics Live Media Stats No Yes
Bit Rate Stats Yes Yes
Real-time Engagement PSTN Call Integration No Yes
RTMP Streaming Yes Yes
HLS Streaming Yes Yes
Deployment Public Cloud Yes Yes
Private Cloud No Yes

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