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Feature Category Feature Description Starter Basic Premium Enterprise
Pricing Pricing plans Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Payment Options Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us
Number of Bots Build and deploy multiple chatbots in your customers preferred channels to satisfy all your use cases 1 3 10 Custom
Number of Agents No. of Live agents required for support 2 5 Unlimited Custom
Number of Sessions Bundled Chat Sessions in a plan 1000 2000 5000 Custom
Key Features
Omnichannel BOT Build BOT for your Web, App or Whatsapp
Build smart flows with visual designer Easy to use Low code visual builder helps you train/build your BOT quickly
AI Driven Intents (GenAI) Use of GenAI to define Intents while training your BOT - *Free Credits *Free Credits Custom
Transfer to live agents (Chat, Voice, Video) Seamless transfer to Live agents over Chat, Voice or Video Channel
Pre-built templates for quick rollout Pre built templates for range of industries to chose from
Simulator Test the BOT in the visual builder itself before publishing it live. Real time Debugging.
File-sharing Allows customers to share files in chats
Reporting Usage reports and analytics
CRM Integration Integrate with your existing CRM application (Zoho, Zendesk and Hubspot)
App-to-phone call support Customers can request for the live agent call (Region specific)
Custom Integration & Developer Support * "Focus on your business. We can help you with integration & development support at additional Cost" $ $ $ Contact us

* - Based on Scope of work/plan subscribed

$ - At additional charge based on scope of work

Available Add-on packs
Additional BOT
(1 nos)
Additional Sessions
(1000 sessions)
Additional AI Credits
(100 Tokens)

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FAQs for EnableX Dialogs Pricing


Can I try EnableX Dialogs before committing to a paid plan?

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Absolutely! We offer a 14-day free trial to explore the platform's capabilities.

Are there any setup fees or hidden costs associated with using EnableX Dialogs?

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Transparency is important to us. The costs associated with EnableX Dialogs are clearly outlined within each plan. Any additional sessions, AI credits, or bots require separate add-on packs you can purchase based on your specific usage. Custom integrations and professional services may incur additional charges tailored to your project's requirements.

Is there a prepaid billing or a postpaid billing plan in Dialogs?

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Is there a pay-as-you-go option available for businesses with fluctuating usage patterns?

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Yes! We understand that usage can fluctuate. Our 'Starter Pack' is a great option for businesses with evolving needs. It includes a set number of sessions, with the option to purchase add-on packs or deduct additional usage from your pre-funded wallet.

How are sessions counted in the usage plan?

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A session represents an entire conversation between a user and your chatbot. Once the conversation concludes or times out due to user inactivity, it's counted as a single session. This applies across all channels where your bot is deployed (website, mobile app, WhatsApp, etc.).

Can I deploy multiple chatbots in Dialogs?

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Yes, the number of deployable chatbots depends on the plan you select. You can create and deploy bots tailored to various use cases across your chosen channels.

How does billing work for usage beyond the limits of my chosen plan?

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If you exhaust your plan's included sessions or AI credits, you can seamlessly purchase add-on packs or ensure sufficient funds in your wallet to cover additional usage.