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EnableX Video KYC Solution

The Power of Video KYC: Quick, User-Friendly Customer Verification

Redefining V-CIP solutions with Ease, Security, and Efficiency

Simplifying KYC with Video Solutions

How Are We Unique

Our best-in-class video KYC solution makes customer identity verification simple and swift. By introducing a Video KYC option into your website or application, customers can easily verify their identities.

EnableX provides the best Video KYC solutions for both end clients and service providers. Use our video APIs, together with OCR, AI, and machine learning capabilities to create an end to end consent-based V-CIP (Video-based Customer Identification Process) and verify customers using video in real time!

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Understanding The Benefits of Video KYC Solutions

Unlocking Efficiency and Security

Video KYC
Revamp Your Verification Process

Say goodbye to manual verification and build streamlined and efficient KYC processes. Eliminate the need for manual verification, saving time and resources.

Customer Experience
Elevate Customer Experience

Video KYC offers customers the convenience of verifying their identity wherever they are. They can engage with a live agent, receiving answers to any query or concern in real time.

Combat Fraud
Combat Fraud

Real-time identity verification allows you to identify and prevent potential fraud attempts.

Privacy and Security
Enhanced Privacy and Security

Video KYC prioritizes customer data privacy and security. Utilizing robust encryption, it ensures sensitive information remains confidential.

CRM Systems
Seamless Integration with CRM Systems

Integrate Video KYC seamlessly with your existing CRM and backend systems. Easily enhance customer service, tailor marketing to sales pipelines, and deepen customer relationships.

Customer Satisfaction
Boost Customer Satisfaction

Video KYC enhances the overall customer experience for banks, financial institutions, mobile wallets and other businesses.

Why EnableX?

  • Store encrypted recordings in your own cloud to meet regulatory requirements.
  • On-premises video KYC VCIP deployments available.
Omnichannel Integration
  • Works on all browsers, apps, platforms and coding languages on both mobiles and computers.
  • Easily complete video KYC even in low bandwidth settings.
  • Pick and choose features to deliver cost-effective solutions while remaining compliant.
  • Choose from a variety of billing options: pay as you go, concurrent agent based billing, per transaction and more!
Video KYC Use Cases

From E-commerce to Real Estate, See How
EnableX Video KYC Empowers Seamless and
Secure Customer Verification

Industry Use Case How EnableX Video KYC Helps
E-commerce E-commerce Rapid customer verification for account setup Facilitate video calls to quickly verify customers, reducing customer effort and enhancing security
Banks Banks Customer Onboarding Video KYC provides a streamlined process for verifying customers' identities during onboarding.
NBFC NBFC (Non-Banking
Financial Company)
Account Opening, Verification, KYC Requirements Account creation becomes efficient, ensuring easy identity verification and compliance with KYC standards.
HR HR Onboarding, Document Verification, Candidate Matching Employee onboarding is streamlined; document verification and candidate assessment are improved.
Retail Retail and FMCG Vendor Onboarding, Merchant Onboarding Solutions Enables easy vendor and merchant onboarding with efficient identity verification.
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