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Video Calling

Room size of up to 50 participants

X per participant per minute

Room size of more than 50 participants

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Video calling comes with all features listed here except for recording, SIP interconnection, and advanced features which will be charged separately.

Recording and Archiving


X per participant per minute


X per minute


X per GB per month

Encryption (of transcoded video)

X per month

Recorded media will be stored at EnableX server for 72 hours at no charge. Storage beyond 72 hours will be charged per GB per month. You can also choose to upload the recorded media on AWS S3 bucket. By default, all recordings will be stored as individual streams. For composed streams in MP4 format, transcoding is required.

SIP Interconnect

SIP Interconnection

X per participant per minute

SIP interconnection allows for Interoperability between WebRTC and SIP endpoints. Usage is based on the duration of each call to a SIP endpoint

Live Streaming

RTMP streaming on HD Content

X per minute

RTMP streaming on SD Content

X per minute

Charges is based on the duration of the sessions that was live streamed and is independent of the number of broadcasters or viewers. Video calling charges applies.

Voice-only Calling

VOIP Calls

X per participant per minute

Advanced Features

IP Whitelisting ​

X per month

Regional Media Zone

Starting from

X per zone per month

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