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Streamline, secure, and analyze your calls

Click-to-Call allows users to initiate phone calls with a simple click. By incorporating a click-to-call button directly on your website or application, you empower your customers to effortlessly connect with your business. Reduce manual dialling and cumbersome contact search. With Click-to-Call, easily bridge the gap between your digital presence and real-time conversations!


Amplify your communication
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Call Tracking

Effortless call tracking

With Click-to-Call, every call is tracked automatically, providing you with comprehensive data on call duration, frequency, and outcomes. Monitor and optimize your call performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to enhance customer satisfaction and business efficiency.

Call Masking

Protect privacy with number masking

Ensure privacy and security during phone interactions with Click-to-Call's number masking feature. Safeguard sensitive customer information by displaying masked phone numbers, maintaining confidentiality and building trust.

Integrate Seamlessly

Integrate seamlessly with your CRM systems

Enhance your customer relationship management by integrating Click-to-Call with your CRM systems. Initiate calls directly from your customer profiles, enabling your team to make personalized and efficient connections.

Record And Analyze

Record and analyze conversations

Capture valuable insights and improve customer service by recording and analyzing calls made through Click-to-Call. Gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences, evaluate agent performance, and refine your communication strategies for better outcomes.

Use Cases

Discover the versatility and impact of
Click-to-Call in various industries

Industry Use Case How EnableX Click-to-Call Helps
E-commerce E-commerce Seamless voice support for complex order inquiries Enable voice calls to support agents with automatic order context transfer, reducing customer effort and enhancing query resolution.
Fintech Fintech Secure voice authentication and verification Implement voice-based multi-factor authentication for enhanced security, leveraging voice biometrics and verification technologies.
Edtech Edtech Real-time audio interactions for interactive learning Facilitate live audio sessions between students and tutors, promoting real-time engagement, personalized guidance, and knowledge sharing.
Field Services Field Services Dispatching and tracking field service requests Enable instant voice communication and integration with field service management systems for efficient task assignment and real-time updates.
Telcos Telcos Click-to-Call support for billing and account management Integrate Click-to-Call functionality within customer portals to enable direct voice support for billing inquiries and account management.
Hospitality Hospitality Voice-based room service and guest assistance Provide voice-enabled room service requests and instant guest assistance through seamless integration with hotel management systems.
Customer Support Customer Support Direct voice interaction for issue resolution Facilitate voice calls between customers and support agents for personalized assistance, ensuring efficient problem resolution and satisfaction.
Startups Startups Click-to-Call sales and customer onboarding Implement Click-to-Call for sales outreach, lead generation, and seamless customer onboarding experiences, accelerating business growth.
Travel Travel Voice support for travel bookings and itinerary changes Enable voice calls for travel bookings, itinerary modifications, and personalized travel assistance, ensuring hassle-free travel experiences.
Real Estate Real Estate Direct voice communication for property inquiries and tours Facilitate voice calls between potential buyers and agents, allowing immediate property inquiries, virtual tours, and personalized assistance.
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