Winning Customers At Salons with Smart Mirrors

Use Cases

You have been longing for a change in your style and a new makeover seemed like the best option. But you are also apprehensive of how it’s going to turn out since it’s a risk you’re not too sure about. Salons with Smart Mirrors can help eliminate that risk for you!

Reimagining Appearance in Real-time

Backed by the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Smart Mirrors are digitised with face detection software and fitted with hidden cameras. After analysing the customer’s key facial features, age, mood and personalities, the software recommends hairstyle and hair colour in real-time which best suits the style.

With the stellar technology of Facial Expression and Emotion Recognition AI, the mirror is able to take into account specific needs of the customer, helping the in-salon hair stylist in guiding the customer through a personalized trial and figuring out which style works the best. The customer can check different hair colors, use the built-in camera to take a picture in them, and decide accordingly. more. This way, they can easily discuss various choices with their stylist until they find just what they need. 

Bringing the Breakthrough Innovation Alive

FaceAI equipped in Smart Mirrors help the customers find what’s best for their overall appearance without letting them suffer the outcomes of a bad decision, especially in situations when they are experimenting with something new. The advanced technology shields the customers from being disappointed with a new hair colour or hairstyle while assisting the in-salon hair stylists in providing individualised guidance. For hair experts, the software acts as a useful tool, helping them get clarity of what the customer needs and working with them to achieve the best results. 

Overall, upbeat technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are shrinking the seller-consumer world and luring customers with the ease of enhanced and personalized experiences. In times to come, video-based Face Recognition will become ubiquitous within the personalized beauty market. Considering how the customers are increasingly taking a more well-rounded approach to beauty that encompasses health and wellness, the beauty industry is also finding holistic approaches with technology integration. When Smart Mirrors are in function customers won’t have to rely on assumptions of Salon Assistants but can take advantage of Affective Computing and face recognition to get better insights.

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