Unicorn Conventions Offers Innovation in Corporate Events with EnableX Solutions

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Unicorn Convention Services Pvt. Ltd. is an events management company, headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company has executed over 850 events till date and is operating across several cities in India and abroad. Having set up in 2008 and an association with over 25 multinational companies Pan-India, Unicorn Conventions has seen exponential growth and is well on its way to become a force to reckon with.


As a brand that has been in the traditional events industry for over a decade, Unicorn Conventions believed that in-person events were always more effective in gaining traction as compared to the ones that were completely virtual. Why? Because for them, events were also meant for face-to-face peer networking and connecting suppliers with customers and prospects.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic and the current scenarios together brought a considerable change in perception. Since travel restrictions, tight budgets and sustainability targets were adversely impacting the true cost of events, many companies started to realise the essence of digital. They learnt the advantages of hosting virtual events and were ready to partner with event companies that offered such capabilities. After seeing the surge in demand for virtual events, Unicorn Conventions decided to reinvent itself to address the changing market needs.


While they were familiar with the concept of online events, Unicorn Conventions had no clue how to execute one. They built an online portal but it lacked an important medium of communication to host virtual events i.e., video. They tried using a third-party software, but it seemed like an additional challenge where either the videos wouldn’t work properly, or the customer couldn’t access the platform easily.


  • EnableX Video Meeting and Webinar Solutions– The EnableX UCaaS white-label platform allowed Unicorn to brand it under their own label. The feature-rich solution empowers Unicorn to host small events and conferences anytime and anywhere.
  • EnableX Video Call API- The EnableX Programmable Video API enabled Unicorn to rapidly and easily enhance their existing event platform with large-scale video calls and features.


With EnableX, Unicorn discovered a new way to expand and reach their customers. Backed by cutting-edge, user-friendly features, Unicorn can now offer unique, custom solutions for different clientele. Here’s how-

Virtual Auditorium
Optimised for use by hosts and a large set of audience, Unicorn added EnableX Video SDKs to create a powerful video experience that their clients desired. The Virtual Auditorium now acts as a digital platform where participants can join using any device for reliable, HD webinar sessions.

Board Room
Accessible from any location, at anytime, EnableX Video has enabled Unicorn’s Virtual Boardrooms to ease the burden of leaders. With built-in video chats, leaders can not only interact with each other face-to-face but also tag needed documents.

Exhibition Center
Exhibitors can customise their booth with branded logo, display organisation information, upload media files and documents and more. Now with Video Calls added within the exhibitors’ booth, exhibitors can offer the attendees face-to-face real-time interactions, addressing questions and issues efficiently

The EnableX Experience

In the words of Mr. Minal Kolhe, Managing Director, Unicorn Conventions- “Translating our goals from physical to virtual events was creatively, technically and financially challenging for us. We felt that monetising virtual events would be a serious conundrum, and it truly was. However, thanks to EnableX, our new website has pivoted our events business on digital. With EnableX, we got an opportunity to create multiple service segments using Video as our primary medium of communication. Most of our clients wanted an extremely easy-to-operate channel and that’s what the team at EnableX has helped us achieve.

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