The Economic Times – Candidates and recruiters prepare for a tech-driven recruitment journey


With the evolution of digital technologies, several new job roles have come up. Even the existing roles require skills that were unheard a few years back. At the turn of millennia, the advent of startups gave another fillip to the hiring game. As the world shifts towards a dynamic workforce where competition for talent is fierce and businesses are struggling with high turnover, recruiters need to look beyond the current set of parameters. They needed to hunt the right talent, make the hiring process frictionless, and close the discussions fast. Moreover, unlike in the past, the talent base has not been limited to metropolitan regions of the country. An exceptionally good programmer, a writer, or a stock analyst could base out of almost any small town. This meant that the recruitment process could not rely on a traditional approach. They needed to broad base their search, screening, and selection criteria.

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