TalentOnLease Transforms Its Virtual Recruitment Workflow With EnableX Communication APIs

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Founded by Daya Prakash and a team of top IT industry veterans, TalentOnLease, an emerging B2B IT staffing firm, started its journey in 2018. It brings clients (those companies having projects but lack IT resources) and partners (IT firms having employees on the bench) on their platform for shared benefits.
Currently, they have a robust pool of 100+ partners from where they supply IT resources to clients. From startups to medium and large enterprises across different industry domains, such as consulting, manufacturing, BFSI, fintech, traveltech, foodtech, healthtech, and eCommerce, rely on the TalentOnLease resource fulfilment engine to source contractual and permanent IT resources.


The acceptance of virtual recruiting has increased immensely, thanks to the growing popularity of remote working. However, its success largely depends on a fine balance between technology, people, and processes. From sharing resource requirements, talent screening, scheduling video interview to final onboarding—the workflow in the remote recruiting environment should be more seamless and tech-driven than traditional recruitment process. No wonder a host of new generation tools, such as one-way video interview, live video interview, video calling, and SMS APIs, has become the mainstay of virtual recruiting.

TalentOnLease realised the importance of CPaaS as an enabler of online recruitment. EnableX programmable video, voice, and SMS APIs are now the backbone of its communication infrastructure. It dramatically improved their business workflow, resulting in increased productivity.


Though TalentOnLease started as a 100% virtual IT staffing firm right from the start, the lack of real-time engagement was a significant pain point for all stakeholders, often resulting in inefficiencies and confusion in the process.

For example:  due to the lack of efficient communication capability, clients, partners and candidates could not independently contact each other. They had to depend on the operational team of TalentOnLease, resulting in increased time-to-hire and loss of productivity.

They always struggled to manage the vital pieces of communication at critical touchpoints in the recruitment process. Their operational journey was chaotic and scattered, and it was negatively impacting their ROI.


To ensure contextual and seamless experience at every touchpoint, TalentOnLease adopted the following three EnableX CPaaS solutions:

  1.  Voice API: Integrating programmable Voice API in the platform allowed various stakeholders to contact each other directly whenever required. Now, clients could contact candidates to schedule interviews and inform of any change in the schedule independently. They did not require the involvement of TalentOnLease for the purpose.
  2. Video API: Integrating programmable Video APIs enabled its clients to conduct face-to-face video interviews with shortlisted candidates directly. Also, the entire interview is recorded and available for further review, eliminating the scope of further confusion and dispute.
  3. SMS API: The messaging integration within the platform made it possible to send SMS notification instantly for various events, such as scheduling interviews or change in the process.


Integrating EnableX programmable communications APIs into business workflow allowed TalentOnLease to extend the capability of existing technical infrastructure and deliver the next level of communication experience to stakeholders without costly upgrades.

The most tangible improvements were noticed in the following two areas:

  • Streamlined Operational Process: Because of the robust communications infrastructure, the recruitment process became almost frictionless, significantly shrinking the time-to-hire.
  • Increased Productivity:  After the integration of CPaaS APIs in the business workflow, the involvement of the operational team in the recruitment process came down considerably. Now, they could take up other vital works.

EnableX Experience

“The overall experience with EnableX has been excellent. Our operational process is now well-coordinated, more efficient and reliable, which is critical for success in our industry,” says Daya Prakash, founder, TalentOnLease.

What’s Coming Next

Daya Prakash envisions a future where the next-gen technology, such as Face AI and Emotion AI, will increasingly play a more vital role in recruitment. Elaborating on the importance of Emotion AI, he says: “getting a sense of the interest level of a candidate can help us know in advance whether the candidate will join the company after final selection. Having a reliable idea of such things can result in more deal closures in the future.”

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