Supporting Customers with Live Video Communication for a Leading Insurer in India 

Case Studies Supporting Customers with Live Video Communication for a Leading Insurer in India 
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Pace Setters, a renowned analytics consulting firm provides customer engagement solutions to different industries. They are providing customized CRM and communication solutions to a prominent life insurance company in India to enhance their customer support capabilities. The client faced challenges in providing efficient remote support to policyholders due to geographical constraints and impractical face-to-face interactions. The limitations of their existing communication channels led to increased customer dissatisfaction and a need for a scalable and high-quality live video communication solution. 

To address these challenges: 

  • Pace Setters conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client’s requirements and recognized the significance of video communication in providing superior remote support. 
  • Collaborating with EnableX, experts in video, voice, and messaging technologies, they developed and integrated live video communication inside their existing customer service solution. 
  • The collaboration combined Pace Setters’ analytics-driven approach with EnableX’s low code video embed solution to deliver a robust and true omni-channel support solution to the clients. 


One of India’s leading life insurance companies recognized the limitations of their existing communication channels in providing effective remote support to policyholders. Face-to-face interactions were often not feasible, leading to customer dissatisfaction and operational challenges. To overcome these obstacles, the company sought to implement a scalable and high-quality video communication solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing CRM application. 


To tackle the challenge at hand, Pace Setters stepped in with their expertise in analytics and technology solutions. They collaborated closely with the client to understand their requirements and design an optimal solution. Pace Setters then partnered with EnableX, a leading communication platform provider, to leverage their low code video embed solution. 

Pace Setters’ team of skilled developers utilized EnableX’s low code approach to create a custom video communication interface within the CRM application. This interface was specifically tailored to the unique needs of the client and their policyholders.  

The solution seamlessly integrated with the company’s backend systems, encompassing customer data and support workflows. Pace Setters ensured that the video communication app aligned with the insurance company’s branding and provided a user-friendly experience for both policyholders and support staff. 

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  • Improved Remote Support Experience: The integration of video communication capabilities transformed the way policyholders received remote support. Through seamless video interactions, policyholders enjoyed a heightened level of engagement and personalization in their support interactions, leading to enhanced satisfaction. 
  • Streamlined Issue Resolution: The adoption of video communication facilitated swift identification and resolution of policyholders’ issues. The real-time nature of video interactions enabled insurance agents to grasp the concerns effectively, resulting in faster problem-solving and reduced turnaround time. 
  • Heightened Customer Satisfaction: The introduction of high-quality video communication resulted in increased customer satisfaction. Policyholders appreciated the convenience and effectiveness of remote support through face-to-face video interactions, building trust and loyalty towards the insurance company. 
  • Competitive Advantage: By embracing innovative video communication technology, the client gained a competitive edge in the market. The ability to offer personalized and efficient remote support experiences positioned them as a forward-thinking organization, attracting new customers and strengthening their market position. 

The EnableX Experience: 

“We are delighted to have partnered with EnableX on this transformative project. Their low code video embed solution has been instrumental in revolutionizing our client’s remote support capabilities. With EnableX’s expertise in video communication technology, we have been able to seamlessly integrate video communication into our client’s existing infrastructure. This integration has significantly enhanced their ability to serve their policyholders and provide them with superior support experience. Throughout the project, EnableX has demonstrated exceptional knowledge and support, making them an invaluable partner in our success.”- Balwant Desai, IT Manager 

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