PetMantraa Ropes in EnableX Video to Kickstart Virtual Consultation for Pets

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EnableX Video to Kickstart Virtual Consultation for Pets

PetMantraa™ is a subsidiary of BPM Enterprises Private Limited. It is an online Petcare Platform with a mission to be the ‘Best in Class’, innovative and trusted ‘One Stop Solution’ for all pets’ needs, and a vision to create an effective holistic approach to pet care at any time, anywhere.

EnableX Video to Kickstart virtual consultation


Booking an appointment in the modern world now only takes a few swipes of our phone and within seconds, we get the booking confirmation notification. It’s that easy! This digital first behaviour is not only active in our personal lives but is also the reason why the healthcare industry is expanding their digital healthcare services- referred to as ‘telehealth’ or ‘telemedicine’.

Spurred by the rise of digital communications, telehealth presents many opportunities for healthcare providers. With rising times and as a subcategory of telehealth, teleconsulting is a general practice that is no longer limited to doctors and patients but is also being widely adopted by veterinaries, physicians, and pet owners worldwide.  In India too, the same audience is using this medium to gain insights and advice on the pet care issues.

PetMantraa is a one-of-a-kind petcare portal for pets, allowing pet owners to schedule virtual appointments with veterinarians. The portal allows pet parents to consult the experienced veterinarians for petcare issues and gain information like healthcare advice, vaccinations, nutrition & wellness tips, behavioural issues etc.

With EnableX Video API, they are connected to an expert of their choice through a live video and can chat securely using their own device.


Connecting virtually for human healthcare has become the new normal. But the same facility isn’t prominent as far as pets are concerned. How can PetMantraa™ take this complexity away for pets to receive timely consultation and care while keeping the human element intact?


Integration of EnableX secure and scalable Video Communication Channel including SMS within the PetMantraa™ Website not only addresses the PetVet Gap but also allows pet parents to access the premier healthcare service from the comfort of their homes.


As a concept, telehealth allows the healthcare providers to increase their reach, treating patients wherever they are through an Internet connection. PetMantraa™ TelePetVet, by integrating Enablex Video API, built a sophisticated platform that not only brings a contactless access to the healthcare services but is also cost effective & easy-to-use from anywhere and any device.

In the past, many pet owners have faced real struggle to take time out of their schedule, make an appointment and travel to a doctor’s office for consultation or rush their pet to a good vet at the time of need. Using EnableX live video, PetMantraa™ is now able to provide healthcare service for pets that would fit in with the busy lives of pet owners, making it easier for them to get access to the healthcare services and the past health records, wherever and whenever they need.

Some of the top benefits include-

  • Convenience at fingertips- Using live video embedded directly within the PetMantraa™ website, users can get the medical answers via a video chat with the vet, whenever they need, from wherever they are.
  • Time-saving- Saving precious time is vital for customers. With EnableX SMS API, PetMantraa™ ensures the televet consultation is well scheduled and pet owners are notified on time.
  • HD Quality Video- By leveraging EnableX Video API, PetMantraa™ achieved the flexibility to integrate video calling within their website, without making any compromises on the quality of the video.
  • Better Engagement- EnableX live video allows customers at PetMantraa™ to have an engaging, interactive conversation with the televet, get guidance on better care and seek tips to improve the health of their pets.

EnableX Experience

“Partnering with EnableX has not only proved to be good value for us, but also for our customers. While we were struggling to develop our own WebRTC app, EnableX Video API has seamlessly fit in our whole business ecosystem. Based on the positive results after partnering with EnableX, we have also chosen their Programmable SMS API to power our appointment notifications that are sent natively from the PetMantraa™ website.”

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