EnableX Video API helped Ramanora supercharge E-selling for Business Owners

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How EnableX Video API helped Ramanora supercharge E-selling for Business Owners

Ramanora is a marketing and advertising company that helps businesses expand their digital presence. They comprise of a team of over 25 highly creative professionals and 100 associates from various fields who believe in strategizing business growth through multichannel marketing. As a repercussion of the pandemic, they built an app, called eLauncher, that facilitates businesses to showcase products to retailers across the globe.


As confinement measures were introduced around the world during the pandemic, out-of-home and cinema advertising shrank almost instantly; print advertising also fell.

Meanwhile, in-home media usage went up. TV viewership climbed, digital consumption increased even more: use of social platforms and streaming services have risen almost everywhere; gaming has also lifted dramatically.

Given this shift, Ramanora expanded their offerings from other forms of advertising to mainly digital so that their clients do not have to suffer any loss in reaching out to the buyers. For this, Ramanora built eLauncher, a web app that enables companies curb pandemic restrictions and connect with retailers of their choice.

eLauncher offers a variety of presentation techniques like product-working videos, animation-style videos, interactive games, etc., that gives businesses the freedom to showcase their products and solutions the way they desire. After integrating EnableX Video API, Ramanora’s eLauncher now also holds the ability of real-time video communication that further strengthens its worth to the users.

Challenge before using EnableX Video API

Showcasing products to buyers in a global pandemic became a real challenge for Ramanora’s clients. At this stage, the best decision for marketers like Ramanora was to act on instant mediums and constantly revaluate opportunity and risks.


Integration of EnableX Video API, which is a secure and scalable Video Communication Channel, with Ramanora’s eLauncher app that helps companies showcase their offerings better.

Results with EnableX Video API

Ramanora turned to EnableX video API’s as they wanted to directly embed reliable live video communication into their app- eLauncher, that would be available to clients across a range of different devices. EnableX Video API web & mobile SDKs made it possible for Ramanora’s clients to connect from wherever they are with their device of choice.

Some of the top benefits post embedding EnableX Video API includes: –

  • Connecting easily with buyers- Companies who reached out to Ramanora are now able to better connect with the buyers and showcase products in a more organized manner.
  • Getting better value- The value of video chat, enabled by EnableX Video API, extends beyond just conferencing – it’s helping Ramanora’s clients generate much needed revenue as well.
  • More gamification- With EnableX Video API, Ramanora has also added more gamification features in the eLauncher app such as interactive games, quizzes etc.
  • Enhanced customer experience- Gone are the days for pushy advertising experience where the salesperson persuades the customer to buy products. With the help of Live Videos using EnableX Video API, Ramanora’s clients can consume the customer’s mind and adjust offerings accordingly.


The EnableX Video API Experience

The EnableX Video API provides video solutions that feels smooth, and it just works quite nicely, and it doesn’t feel clunky. It integrated well with our application. Thanks to this solution, we can have proper conversations with our clients to actually solve their business challenges which goes far beyond than only giving them product support”, Prasad Ganpule, CEO, Ramanora.

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