Online Exam Proctoring Sets Fresh Invigilation Standard

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Given the pandemic that has hit the world in 2020, Universities and schools are deciphering how they should proceed with their examination schedules. And, in order to conduct secure and transparent exams online, transforming education with technology seems to be the only way forward. Conducting examinations online has taken a crucial space in the entire ecosystem of education and it’s imperative to adopt robust, powerful solutions that counter cheating issues and help evaluate students on their academic performance. Remote proctoring using AI and Live Video is one such effective approach.


What Is Remote Proctoring All About?

With Remote proctoring, students can take an exam from a remote location as long as they have access to a device with internet and can keep the integrity of an exam intact. Using video-based remote proctoring solutions, students are monitored through a camera on their laptop in real-time powered by a face and emotion recognition AI software, that helps flag any irregular student behaviour.


How EnableX Creates A Difference

Since the Face Analysis and Emotion Recognition Technology runs on top of EnableX Video, it empowers academic institutions to achieve more than just identity management. Having features such as mood/emotion detection, age and gender recognition, liveness indicator, attention check, etc. the AI-enabled Live Video helps maintain the sanctity of the examination process, facilitating proctors to securely conduct exams online.

Here are some examples of what the EnableX Live Video and face together with emotion recognition AI can be used for:


  • Identity Verification- With machine learning, our facial recognition technology helps verify the students’ identities and avoid identity mischief. The candidate shows his identity card and the AI verifies his facial features to ensure that it matches with the identity card and particulars in the exam database. That cuts off some popular cheating methods such as asking another person to take the test.
  • Cheating Alerts – Our face and emotion recognition AI tracks body position, eyes and head movement, attention span and more for possible cheating. Red flags are sent to the invigilator when there are deviations from a “normal pattern” – for example, unusual posture, shifty eyes, shifting of head to look at adjacent PCs or reading from an external paper and detecting another face in the video.
  • Remote Monitoring and Assessment – Using live video calling, invigilators can monitor students taking the exam in real-time. Together with AI, the system will alert the assessment controller if there’s any anomaly such as whether the student is getting involved in cheating or in any other unfair means. The entire exam is recorded, not just video, but the software also captures chat logs and screen recording.


Learning About Live Proctoring Benefits

Both students and teachers can benefit from using Live Proctoring. The technology not only offers an opportunity to students to take a test from any location, but it enhances the virtue of education and builds an environment with a powerful monitoring system.

For Students For Universities/Schools/Offices
They get the flexibility to take the exam on a time that suits them. Removes administrative burden to arrange for in-person proctoring.
There’s no travelling required. Can conduct exams with wider geographical reach.
It helps develop self-discipline. There is increased security that helps keep a strict watch for any infringements.
Its eco-friendly and helps imbibe moral values among students. They can personalize and automate tests


Remote proctoring using Live Video, paired with Face and emotion recognition AI is of immense benefit to the education sector. Other than offering proctors additional control and the capability to intervene in an exam, the AI-integrated Live Video helps ensure exam authenticity by preventing the candidate from cheating and indulging in any unfair means during the assessment.


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