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We are starting to see revival in business sentiments across industries & countries. With this, recruiting good candidates has become more challenging than before. This is a critical issue with many high-growth industries facing a shortage of quality talent globally.

With a greater willingness to switch industries and roles, and ease of applying for jobs through the Internet, this new generation of workforce is deluging recruiters with applications and resumes, many of them marginally qualified with questionable skillsets.

According to Criteria Pre-Employment Testing’s research, up to 78% of resumes are misleading and as many as 46% contain actual falsehoods. The result is unsurprising – a lot of companies end up hiring the wrong people across job positions.


Revolutionising Hiring with Live Video And AI in Recruitment

Organisations were always using some form of remote communication to facilitate part of the hiring process. Now, a whole new set of integrated tools and solutions have come to the forefront for end-to-end recruitment & onboarding.

Innovative organisations are now embedding live video and AI capabilities using progressive Communication Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) solutions right within HRMS & ATS solutions. Together with AI-enabled recruitment chatbots, it can significantly streamline the application process and enhance the talent search and identification process.

These solutions, when paired together, can bring a great deal of efficiency in nearly every step of the recruitment journey – from crafting the perfect job descriptions, scheduling interviews, answering queries, conducting video interviews and even performing initial applicant screenings. AI in recruitment could also minimise some of the unintentional human bias. By utilising sentiment & emotion analysis technologies as well as big data analytics, organisations can make recruitment more scientific, scalable, and effective.

Here are some examples of how Live Video integrated with AI can bring recruitment to the next level:


  • Self-Recorded Video Applications

To validate their resumes, candidates can provide a self-introduction by responding to pre-set introduction questions on video. Sentiment and language analysis can be applied in the recording to produce a first-cut report with recommendations for the recruiter. This significantly cuts down on the time and energy required to review each candidate’s submission


  • Two-Way Video Interview

While AI has already brought waves of innovation to the recruitment space, the integration of AI with powerful video communication technologies through the use of CPaaS platforms is the next frontier. Recruiters can validate their shortlisted candidates via video calls. These video calls enable recruiters to efficiently connect and vet potential candidates before the profiles reach the hiring managers. Once recorded, these can be internally circulated/shared with other recruiting managers for their reviews & comments, thus eliminating the need for multiple meetings saving time for all and speeding up the hiring process!


  • Video-Enabled Recruitment Chatbot

Chatbots could also be activated on the company’s job website. Once a candidate applies for a position, the chatbot can initiate a conversation by asking questions where the candidate will be video recorded. Once the conversation is complete, the chatbots can evaluate the suitability of the candidate for the listed position based on the answers and the candidates’ voice, body language and facial sentiment analysis.


Using AI in Recruitment Is A Win-Win!

Globalization has resulted in a dynamic workforce that is spread across the globe. Automated online screening and video interviews can not only help recruiters effectively manage remote hiring, but also saves candidates from taking time off and travelling for a preliminary screening interview. In addition, live video capabilities can work alongside chatbot, within the recruitment platform, to bring the candidate “face-to-face” with recruiters. This helps recruiters build a positive and personal relationship with candidates early in the selection process.


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