EnableX unlocks the power of Video Communication; empowers enterprises to deliver unmatched customer experience

Press Release

New Delhi, 28 January 2020: EnableX, a Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS), is disrupting the Indian market by allowing application developers, enterprises and service providers to quickly and easily embed high-quality real-time communications into any website, mobile or native application.

A differentiated, carrier-grade video communication platform, EnableX provides developers with the requisite infrastructure and toolkits to build engaging real-time in-app conversations. Without having to invest in extensive development resources & dedicated infrastructure, organisations can easily use EnableX Video APIs and SDKs to seamlessly add video communication capabilities to web browsers or mobile applications (iOS and Android).

“Traditionally, video and voice communications have taken place through applications built specifically for these purposes only. For instance, a customer would use voice call on his phone to reach out to his bank or enterprises use various UC applications for internal communication. With EnableX, all communications can be done within the app or website without the need for users to use a separate device to call. This “in-app” experience allows patients to seek personalised consultation with doctors directly from the healthcare app or a customer while navigating on a banking app can seamlessly conduct a video call with a Relationship Manager with just a click of a button”, said Pankaj Gupta, CEO & Founder of EnableX.

EnableX helps businesses bring their human-to-human interactions to life with scalable and immersive multiparty video calls. Its proprietary video technology, a key differentiator, delivers the best possible video quality with the lowest latency. The customisable platform offers a suite of capabilities right from the basics of recording, speech to text conversion & vice versa, to more advanced and intelligent features such as real-time diagnostics dashboards, troubleshooting logs, AI-enabled bandwidth management, and more.  The In-app video experience together with advanced features provides enterprises with an integrated and cohesive way to engage with their customers.

“We believe “Video will be the next voice”. In the last six months, close to 1000 customers have come on board to build applications ranging from verticals such as healthcare to education to enterprise collaboration. Video calls have many obvious benefits as compared to voice or messaging. A video-enabled helpdesk, for example, allows agents to have a better understanding of the context of the customers’ issues and address them accurately. In addition, it allows agents to view customer emotion and build a better rapport.” stated Pankaj.

The company also caters to service providers and telcos by offering a white-label platform that can be deployed on-premise, or as a private or hybrid cloud setup. This platform comes with the flexibility to customise billing, UI as well as being able to integrate seamlessly with other software.

IDC foresees the CPaaS segment to grow at a CAGR of nearly 40%, from $3.3 billion in 2018 to $17.2 billion in 2023. As the world aspires to gain from real-time communication, more businesses will be inclined to implement CPaaS for differentiated customer experience.


About EnableX

EnableX, a product of vCloudx, is a communication platform for integrating real-time communications into apps and websites. The scalable and secure global platform provides developers and service providers with powerful APIs to create video, voice and messaging conversations with ease. From one-to-one chats to large scale broadcasts, EnableX makes communications more flexible and personal, helping enterprises stay ahead in the digital world.

​Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, EnableX has established a strong foothold in ​APAC countries, especially India. Backed by a team of 30 ​passionate technologists, it constantly challenges the status quo to empower Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups across the globe​ with its highly interactive and powerfully engaging customer experience​ platform.

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