How to Embed a Video Calling App to Drupal in 3 Simple Steps

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Despite so many CMSs crowding the market, Drupal still retains its popularity and old charm. It’s considered a relatively complex CMS platform, the perception is not entirely correct as it’s quite enterprise-friendly, and is used across different industries and verticals, such as fintech, healthcare, government, and news media.

In fact, integrating video call with Drupal using EnableX low code/No code API can be a lot easier than you would have thought.


Integrating Low Code Video Embed on a Drupal Website

Video calling is no longer a necessity; it’s a critical pivot of the overall enterprise business communication strategy. In this blog post, we will show you how easy it is to embed a video chat on your Drupal site using the EnableX No-Code Visual Builder.

You can do it in 3 basic steps as given below:


  1. Configure low code embed project in the portal

To create an account,  fill the Free Trial Sign Up Form on the EnableX portal. It’s absolutely free. After you are done with it, you can access our EnableX portal dashboard.

Within the portal, you’ll need to create a project. Then, configure your video calling solution using EnableX Visual Builder and get a unique iFrame code.

You can follow the step-by-step instructions in the blog link provided below to generate your unique iFrame code. It’s super-easy.

Learn How to Use EnableX Visual Builder and Generate iFrame Code


  1. Embed the iFrame code on your Drupal website


    • Log in to Your Drupal Website

Enter the Username and Password. You are directed to the dashboard.


Video Calling App to Drupal


    • Create Basic Page

Click Add content, then press the Basic page icon. You are directed on the Create Basic page.


Video Calling App to Drupal 2


Now, write the project name (as we have created ‘Test Embed’) in the Title field, Select ‘Full HTML’ from the Text Format dropdown options.


    • Paste the iFrame Code in the Body Section

Go to Body section, click the Source tab, and paste the iFrame code now.


Video Calling App to Drupal 3


    • Now, Save This Page

Press the Save button to save the page. Now, you are directed to the demo page.


Video Calling App to Drupal 4


    • Test How Video Calling is Working 

To check how your Drupal video chat is working, open the page in a browser.


Video Calling App to Drupal 5


  1. Publish Your Site

If you are satisfied with the quality of video calling in your Drupal website, hit the publish button, and you’re ready to go live.


To Conclude  

That’s all for embedding iFrame for video conferencing on a Drupal website. EnableX No Code Visual Builder offers an easy way to create an engaging end user communication experience with their target audience on a Drupal CMS. Sign up with EnableX and try it out.


If you face any problem, feel free to post your questions. We will be happy to reach out to you.


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