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‘Why did you switch from being in Human Resources (HR) to now the technology (CPaaS)’? I get asked this question more often than one can imagine. Although I understand the premise, I’d like to highlight that HR or any other function for that matter, is not disparate from technology. In this unapologetically digitized world today, it is imperative for HR professionals to keep themselves and the function abreast with the technology. This helps them create unique and much more productive employee engagements/experiences across the organisations.

Moreover, the new generation of employees are technology natives and expect their organisations to have a similar level of enthusiasm for the use of the latest technology.  As a consequence, Digitization in HR is on top of the agenda of all CHROs across the globe. One key area is to embark on quick, timely and easy to use communication technology in order to create a satisfying employee experience in any organisation. Hence, the adoption of Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) to enable Real-Time Communication (RTC) in enterprises, is growing leaps and bounds.

CPaaS, today, enables organisations to easily integrate Real-Time Communication (RTC) features like voice, video, or text into their existing workflows and applications. Organizations are adopting CPaaS for various services i.e. improving customer service experience by integrating Real-Time Video in their applications and CRMs. Financial services organizations have started using it for Video KYC; Car Insurance companies have started using it for accident claim settlements etc.

In HR, there could be some very interesting use of Real-Time Video in creating an exceptional Employee Experience.  Let us explore some use-case scenarios-

Talent Search

CPaaS enables HR to engage and recruit talent quickly and cost-effectively. For the initial round of interviews, HR can utilize video calls as a way to efficiently connect with potential candidates and vet them before sending the profile to the hiring manager. Interviews can be recorded allowing the hiring manager to accurately shortlist candidates for the next round of in-person/video interviews.

Employee training

One of the most common grouses of remotely-located employees is the lack of interaction with the corporate HR and non-inclusive training sessions that require a physical presence. This is because it is not cost-effective for organisations to frequently have employees travel. CpaaS can smoothly solve these issues with video-enabled e-learning. After training or any activity undertaken, CPaaS can be used to send out surveys to all the employees to gather their feedback instantaneously.

Internal Communications

CPaaS can prove to be of great value when the requirement is to send out company-wide notifications and alerts through some channels that employees like to use. This sort of inclusivity can work wonders in building employee loyalty because they feel on top of things and cared for.

As can be seen, CPaaS enables HR to make itself available to all employees at any given time with just a touch of a button. Using their phones and laptop, employees can reach out to HR for real-time video chat that can be recorded, analysed and retrieved for any future reference and learning.

EnableX is one CPaaS provider that can get you started on this journey of technological transformation. To find out how EnableX can help you better your internal customer experience, contact us today.

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