Co-browsing: Redefine Your Contact Centre Operations

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‘Customer is the king’ is the proverbial cliché in marketing, yet it stands the test of time even in the digital era when users can desert your site even at the slightest inconvenience. When you have a frustrated customer stuck in front of the screen, their issue must be resolved immediately. That’s where co-browsing can make all the difference by offering initial handholding and guidance to help assuage irritated customers.

The timely help can dramatically improve customer satisfaction. With co-browsing, the customer-satisfaction rating increased to 78% from 47% for web self-service, says an Abardeen report.


What Is Co-browsing?

As the name implies, co-browsing solutions allow participants joining a video call to browse together with a website or webpage with a remote participant. That way both participants can see what the other person is doing on the screen. Since a co-browsing session is simultaneous and synchronous, it can have useful industry applications, especially in the contact centre and space domains. It lets agents work collaboratively, side by side with the customer, to troubleshoot and fix their problems on the spot.

However, between co-browsing and screen sharing, customer care representatives prefer co-browsing because the experience cannot be replicated.


Why Co-Browsing Solutions Matter In The Online-First World

In this era driven by virtual connect, co-browsing features in video calling can be a game-changer. Here are the following five co-browsing advantages that can transform customer contact centre operations:


  • Onboarding New Customers

The importance of onboarding customers can never be overemphasised as it’s the first real contact with your brand. It can make the entire onboarding process hassle-free while saving a lot of time that can be usually wasted in miscommunication and confusion.


  • Augmenting Conversion And Sales

Your customer executives or sales advisors can engage with customers at the right moment to navigate them effectively during a complex transaction process that would have otherwise resulted in cart- abandonment, resulting in fewer drop-offs. Thus, both conversion and sales improve.

With a powerful tool like co-browsing by their side, sales reps can give a feature demo depending on the customers’ needs, which can be much more persuasive than a live chat or a phone call.

An Aberdeen Group report says that collaborative browsing solutions help increase 10% year-on-year sales growth, compared to the 6.2% growth for firms not using this tool.


  • Technical Support

Not only a powerful sales aid but it also offers the best way to troubleshoot issues, especially when a customer is not tech-savvy


  • Personalising Customer Experience

Traditional tools like chatbots and voice calling are helpful, but they’re no substitute for the human touch. With new-age tools like co-browsing, the lack of personal touch can be mitigated to a great extent.


  • Improving First-Call Resolution (FCR) Rate

Customer demands have changed with changing times. They’re not ready to wait indefinitely to resolve their issues but expect to be addressed in the first call only. That’s why First Call Resolution Rate is a vital call centre metric. Enterprises can reduce the friction between customers and brands by capitalising on co-browsing, resulting in increased FCR and customer satisfaction.

Co-browsing: 4 Effective Use Cases For Different Industries

Here’s how it can help in four different industries:

  • Sales: Product demo, cross-selling or up-selling
  • Financial Services (Banking and Insurance): processing of loan requests and servicing, on-boarding new accounts, filling online forms, application submission and processing, verification and processing coverage claims
  • Ecommerce: Payment cart processing
  • Support: Technical and Remote Support


Co-browsing: Re-defining Customer Experience With EnableX Low Code Video Embed

With EnableX, developers can add the co-browsing feature quickly to their applications – both web and mobile. Using our visual builder that helps a developer generate a single line iFrame code, developers can easily add such collaboration features to their Android and iOS apps as well as websites.

How Does Co-browsing Work?

A certain level of preparation is required to enable the co-browsing feature on the website or web pages. You need to make your site or webpage ready for co-browsing before starting the session. It can be easily done by inviting remote participants to join an in-app co-browsing session by sending them a unique URL with Query String Parameters.

Once a remote participant joins by clicking on the link, both users are ready for a fruitful co-browsing session. Also, you are not required to install any third-party software for this purpose.

To Conclude

Co-browsing, of course, is not a cure-all for all problems plaguing contact centre operations, and nor should it be viewed as such. However, it can undoubtedly empower customer support agents to address pressing customers’ concerns.


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