Click-to-Call: How It Works, Benefits & Use Cases

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Click-to-Call is a form of web-based communication that lets users connect with your agents/sales rep in a single click while browsing a webpage or app. Considering its advantages, many businesses are looking to add the click-to-call solution into their website and mobile apps. 

Click-to-call solutions have revolutionized the way various industries engage with their customers. In the healthcare industry, patients can easily connect with healthcare providers for consultations or appointments. In the e-commerce industry, customers can seek assistance or make purchases without having to navigate through the website. The travel industry can benefit from click-to-call solutions by allowing customers to quickly book travel arrangements and receive real-time support. The financial industry can also utilize click-to-call solutions to provide instant support for banking, insurance, and investment-related services. Overall, click-to-call solutions have made communication more efficient and convenient for both customers and businesses across various industries.

Advantages of Click-to-Call Solutions

Increased customer engagement: Click-to-call solutions enable customers to easily connect with businesses, providing a more engaging experience. This, in turn, can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Real-time support: With click-to-call, customers can receive real-time support from a customer service representative. This helps to address any issues or concerns quickly and efficiently, leading to better customer experiences.

Improved conversion rates: Click-to-call can lead to increased conversion rates, as customers are more likely to make a purchase or complete an action if they receive assistance during their buying journey. This can help businesses to achieve their sales targets and improve their bottom line.

Seamless integration with voice API: Click-to-call solutions can be easily integrated with voice API, enabling businesses to automate their call processes and improve efficiency. This can also lead to cost savings, as businesses can reduce the need for human intervention.

Increased accessibility: Click-to-call solutions provide a convenient option for customers who may have difficulty navigating a website or typing on a mobile device. This can help to increase accessibility for customers with disabilities or those who may not be tech-savvy.


How enableX click-to-call works

How does Click-to-Call work?  

At its simplest, a click-to-call API, when integrated into your website or app, allows a customer to click on the “Call” button, which is in the form of a link, text or image.  Users can enter their basic details, such as name and mobile number, in the form that pops up after clicking on the “Call” button.   

An intermediary cloud communication services provider like EnableX now initiates two calls – one to the agent and the other to the customer. Thus, it acts as a bridge between them.  The click-to-call solution is deeply integrated with the CRM/back-office system of the service provider, which allows the customer service agent to have full access to the caller’s information and transaction history on their screens when the call is connected.    

 Click-to-Call: Four Business Use Cases 

According to Forrester’s research, companies can expect a 10% boost in inbound calls by using a click-to-call functionality. Here are some business use cases where using a click-to-call solution can be beneficial: 

  • Lead Generation  

A click-to-dial solution allows businesses to reach out to customers during non-working hours. Thus, it ensures no leads are missed.   

  • Retail & Ecommerce  

Your users can quickly connect with a customer service agent to know the status of their order or delivery, payment confirmation or any other information about their order.   

  • Banking And Finance 

For any emergency, such as theft, fraud or loss of credit/debit card, customers can reach out to your support staff by simply clicking a button and speaking with the customer care executive.   

  • Telehealth 

A patient or their attendants can quickly contact a doctor in the case of any emergency medical situation. This can help save many lives by offering timely medical assistance.    

  • Online Education 

Students can connect with teachers for immediate assistance to clear their doubts. It’s a hassle-free way of faster communication between the teacher and student.  

 To Conclude  

Online customers look for a hassle-free user experience when communicating with businesses. Using a click-to-call solution  

in business, communication makes it super easy for customers to reach out to your business, resulting in an improved customer experience. It leads to increased brand loyalty.  

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